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When it comes to winter clothing there are plenty of fit variations to consider. The fit of your winter clothing and outerwear is essential because it emphasises your body shape and determines how your entire ensemble looks.

Wear the right layers of a tweed jacket- Men can sometimes have trouble ensuring the right fit of a jacket or coat. Make sure you use these tips before choosing the winter outerwear you need.

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Neck Area- Make sure there isn’t a large gap between your suits and the jacket. The top of your men’s tweed jackets should lie close to your neck, and if you are wearing an over-coat with a collar that can be fastened at the neck and turned up, you need to make sure it isn’t too tight or too loose. See if you are able to breathe comfortably.

Torso Considerations- Tweed jacket body shouldn’t be tight so you can layer other items of clothing underneath it. However, it should still be slim and not provide much more room than you actually need for clothing.

Jacket Front- You should always be able to button your coat or jacket, and still have enough space between the jacket and your body to allow for full range of motion and layered clothing. When first putting on a jacket, try buttoning the button located just above your navel. You wont need to fasten buttons lower than that if the coat isn’t cropped or unless you really need additional protection from cold.

Measure Shoulders- Measure your shoulders to ensure the seams tie at the corner of your shoulder and measure while you are wearing items of clothing you will be wearing beneath the jacket. This ensure the shoulders of your jacket are high enough to move your arms freely without feeling constricted.

Shop amazing tweed jacket- Jacket Sleeves- You will need tweed jackets to have sleeves that cover the sleeves of your suit jacket and end at the base of your palm. Longer sleeves can be used for heavier coats.

Choose the perfect coat with the right fit by considering every aspect. This season, you can be so much more confident! This is the best way to keep your head up in any season and look your best.

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