Published on August 10, 2011, by in Design Ideas.

Have you ever considered throwing some custom clothing in your wardrobe? If you’re tired of the you’re currently wearing and want something new and fresh, but nothing on the market around you satisfies your tastes, perhaps you should give a try to some of the customized solutions out there.

For example, the simplest types of custom clothing involve just stamping some logo onto a t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt. These are very popular, and when done right they last a long time as well. Another interesting option is to use embroidery, which tends to last pretty much permanently, though it somewhat limits your options with regards to detail.

Don’t forget about your lower body clothing as well – for example, pants are another popular type of clothing for fans of custom clothing. You can use embroidery on them just as well, or you can also apply blazer badges, or even do something crazy like a completely customized design. Sometimes your custom clothing may end up costing you a bit more than you’d expect to pay normally, but in the end it would be completely worth it when you consider that nobody else would look like you!

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