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Almost everybody knows someone in their life who is an avid golfer; their television is always tuned to the Golf channel and they practice their swing every opportunity they get when they think no one is looking. Here are a few gift ideas for the golf-nut in your life; they will be sure to appreciate these choice gifts:

– Initialized golf balls: A golfer can frequently run into another player who uses golf balls made by the same manufacturer and are of the same number. At a time like this, it becomes invaluable to have some sort of personalization on the golf balls to help identify which one is whose. Let your golfer worry less about determining which balls are theirs and more about their swing. With golf balls that bear their own initials, golfers will have no problem identifying the golf balls that belong to them.

– Embroidered Polo T-Shirt: The beloved polo t-shirt is a darling of the golfing community. It is possible to have custom golf polo t-shirts made that bear the wearers’ initials or any other pattern (a coat of arms, perhaps). The recipient of such a gift is sure to be pleased to receive a custom embroidered golf t-shirt, as they strut around the golf course.

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