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Lisbeth Salander is many things. A feminist heroine, a survivor that took the world by storm. The hugely successful ‘Trilogy’ by Stieg Larsson, wrapped a sinister web of tales around this fascinatingly strong and unforgettable character. She certainly is unforgettable. It’s not surprising that the adaptation of the movie made such an impact on pop culture. Her character epitomizes speed and a strong will, together with keen survival instincts. Her unmistakable air of mystery, combined with a hard exterior and a soft, gentle soul, creates such a complex persona. So it was amazing to see how the Hollywood version of our heroine, translated from the page. With Rooney Mara as the dark haired, pale skinned and skinny Lisbeth, they successfully transformed a perfect, sun-kissed girl-next-door, into this unforgettable gothic being.

Her black leather-clad figure makes us would like to stretch out for our leather, biker jacket, teamed with faux leather leggings. Her bleached brows and high fringe, is probably not precisely what we want to achieve, on the other hand the supple drapery of the white tee shirt and also charcoal sweatshirt, along with other Alexander Wang influenced garments, are certainly the classics we like.

The spring and summer 2012 collection from Ann Demeulemeester is a powerful reminder of the movie. Since mentioned by Vogue, the collections ask us to “Imagine the ensembles Lisbeth Salander would certainly splurge on when she suddenly felt willing by her capital chicanery toward high fashion. Demeulemeester’s new creations had Salander’s ‘kick-ass’, high-performance standard. Clearly there was a pointy sharpness to the layered clothes on leather jackets that proposed warrior decision, did the stiffened sculptured, leather neckpieces. The sleek, linear high quality of suits made from bias-cuts, funnel-necked jackets and pencil dresses, provided a raging fresh silhouette for the designer.”

We are able to plainly note that Lisbeth is starting to become a major impact on the trendy credit front. It really is unanticipated to see exactly how wearable her attire is, for this can easily translate into our everyday stressful life. In David Finchley’s stylish orientation, she confidently drives her motorbike all through an ice storm, locating horrible murderous crimes. She weaves through crowds of 60s inspired, well-heeled suburbanites and in her artistic attire, sticks out from the folks in her rebellious hues.

Her everyday ensembles contain a lot of layers of tee shirts that pile over each other with plenty of ripped seams. The sweat tops and cozy knits lean significantly on shades of charcoal. The leather-based, biker jacket is her armour all the way through life, the loyal black jeans along with the nailed and studded biker boots guarantee she will be able to produce injury. They promise quiet courage and a steel-cold character, as much as necessary to ward off any unwelcome interest.

We could all possess a bit of gothic in us. Imagine a day when absolutely nothing is better than a weather-proof leather jacket, as well as skin-tight, black jeans with combat boots. Thus get out there, and confront the world akin to our heroine, and, should you be brave enough, keep in mind a high hair line could potentially stir the world.

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