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With promotional products you get all of these benefits, but you can use this audience to promote your own business rather than someone else’s. If you think that these companies are all willing to pay large amounts to appear in magazines that are in circulation, it becomes apparent how much marketing potential there is in that. Using this yourself then is the smarter move in the long term than selling it to someone else to benefit from.
For instance then if you give away free logo golf balls with your logo on, or give away promotional hats or promotional bags, these will then circulate your logo or your business name around hundreds or thousands of people. At the same time the power of these promotional products will be multiplied as the promotional bags are seen by other people while your recipients use them. The temptation is to charge for these products, but by giving them away free you can reach a far larger range of people and if your campaign is successful then this will pay back in the long term in terms of customers or clients.

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