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Everyone wants alumni t-shirts. Whether you’re involved with a college, sorority, school or fraternity, customized apparel is worn with pride and is a great fund-raiser. Having customized garments helps everyone feel part of a cohesive unit. Display your message loud and clear whether you’re promoting a music camp, sporting events or reunions, alumni t-shirts will set the mood for a great celebration.

You may want your college logo or emblem on your chosen apparel. Slogans and quotes are popular. In most instances, even scanned designs or photos are suitable. These may need to be enhanced to create a perfect image or they can even be recreated. If you are still in the process of deciding on a design, you will have the opportunity to view a library of samples. The company representative will assist you to create something to fit your needs and will suggest a format to suit your requirements exactly.

If your design needs some modifications, the staff will help you improve it. Because of their experience and training, they are well versed in which colors will make the greatest impact. If the pattern is complicated, a sample is often produced first so that you can be sure the finished product will be satisfactory.

It is easy to create distinctive apparel online. Choosing a material may come first. The style will be next. A library of artwork clips will be available for your perusal. You will have the option of any number of fonts and patterns. There may be a setup fee, the cost of which will depend on the method of production you choose. Screen printing is still very popular as it is durable and practical. The setup varies with each production method. The fees charged will be included on the quote.

There will be a choice of color, size, fabric and style. PromoPays enable you to design your own apparel up to the point of printing. If ordering large quantities of custom-designed garments allow as much time as possible. At least three to four weeks is reasonable. Shipping time should also be considered. Every effort will be made to accommodate orders at short notice although this may incur a fee.

Heavy cotton, cotton blends, fine or sheer jersey and baby or mini rib are some of the materials used for customized apparel. Cap or short sleeves are available and a variety of neck styles from round, crew, V and U-shaped. Garments can be ordered with pockets.

Because there is a series of steps to go through to set up production of custom apparel, you may be charged a screen or setup fee. Once the impression is made and the logo formatted, it will be saved to a file. If there are repeat orders which utilize the same design, the setup charge is generally waived.

Some logos which are submitted as jpeg files may need to be digitized if the design is to be embroidered. Embroidery machines use DST files to read artwork. It is usual to quote for all work before production begins. Trendy customized alumni t-shirts will be in great demand.

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