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Grecian style dressing has been around for centuries (quite literally), and with Alexander McQueen featuring heavily influenced Grecian style clothing in his Spring/Summer 2012 ready to wear collection, it looks like the trend is here to stay!

The flowing, fluid lines of the dresses in addition to the edgier, additional barbarous elements of the trend such as the gladiator sandals render this look current, wearable and captivating. Through out the years Grecian style dresses have sauntered their way onto the red carpets on the shoulders of many A-listers including Mischa Barton, Kate Winslet and most recently the Duchess of Cambridge.

So how to wear these Grecian dresses I hear you ask. Do not fear! The draping frequently associated with these types of dresses makes them significantly complementary on all shapes and forms, whether you’re looking for something loose and flowing, structured and figure hugging, short or lengthy there will be something to suit every person. If you opt to go for something loose and billowing you also have the option of adding a fierce metallic belt to add kind and power.

The colours that accompany this trend are often neutral shades including cream, white, pale pink and beige, however modern influences have seen Grecian dresses take form in hues of blue, purple and orange. So if the thought of wearing pale pink puts you off, opt for a richer shade! In relation to your feet, Grecian style dresses look great with heels or flats, if you’re off on holiday then opt for some edgy gladiator sandals, if you’re off on a night out then some chunky wedges or heels would look amazing!

If you decide you don’t wish to go ‘all out’ there are also plenty of other ways to incorporate this fashion into your beauty and fashion program which includes; jewellery, hair pieces and hair styles and footwear. Braiding your hair is seriously on trend these days and this pays homage to the Grecian ideal. A different choice could be to wear a jewelled head band, this gives a touch of glam to any outfit and would be ideal for a festival to keep the hair from your face!

When looking for Grecian inspired jewellery, opt for gold pieces with a worn look or jewellery that includes stones. Gold and bronze jewellery that include leaf decoration also tie in nicely with this look. If you want a more edgy feel to your outfit add a large chunky cuff or bangle!

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