Published on March 1, 2013, by in Fashion.

Let’s face it, folks. Gun owners may be great people who have awesome conversations and are really fun to be around, but they’ve never really been the coolest people on the planet. I don’t know if it’s because many gun owners are very culturally insular people or if they don’t pay much attention to the younger generation, but gun owners seem to be a little bit out-of-touch. That’s why I’m really surprised to see them buying such cool shirts these days.

Twice a year in the great state of Kentucky, there is a giant shooting range set up for machine gunners to have fun with. People naturally started coming to watch, and sellers sprang up all around in stalls. Last year I went and noticed that there were a few people walking around with really cool gun tees that made me want to find where they were bought from.

None of the vendors had pro-gun clothing for sale, as far as I could tell. I saw one guy wearing one and being asked by a vendor where he had gotten it. The vendors, in general, seemed pretty astounded by how cool these shirts were themselves. Do you know who was wearing them? A whole younger generation of gun enthusiasts, many of whom looked like returned war vets.

I knew there would be some booths featuring these gun t-shirts the next time I went, but I was floored by how many of these new kind of shirts I saw! Older guys, younger guys, and sellers all embraced these clothes with gusto. It stopped seeming like a collection of backwood loners meeting to talk about politics, and more like a group of forward-thinking hobbyists.

This new wave of awesome shirts have pervaded the entire culture of gun enthusiasts. It turns out that you don’t have to look like an insane gun collector to actually be one, which is relieving. I like the fact that the option is available to me to show off my pride in my first amendment rights and look good doing it. Guess who has a big collection of cool gun apparel now?

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