The culture of guns in America is gigantic. There are so many different types of firearms that it is hard to believe there is an actual market for them all. People are buying the guns, though, and those people are as widespread in their interests as they are geographically. They are also buying plenty of cool gun tee shirts that are being bought by these many different people, and those shirts reflect their lifestyle and the types of guns they like to buy.

So many gun owners fight tooth and nail for the gun rights that many of us take for granted. These political activists wear patriotic gun tees that are very outspoken about political views concerning Second Amendment Rights. When you see someone wearing one of these shirts, you can bet that their gun collection at home is huge and extremely varied.

Another group of people who are buying tons of crazy gun tees are the rednecks of the world. These guys are all wearing really staunch NRA shirts or some of those classic “redneck pride” shirts. There are also lots of camouflage shirts thrown in the mix because rednecks are really into hunting. They have many shotguns and hunting rifles to prove it, too.

There are many out there who are really big into the tactical side of gun ownership. They practice often at the firing range and several of these guys are police or ex military. They wear official gun t-shirts that are meant to be as intimidating as they themselves are, and that is no easy feat. The gun collections of these guys include many of your finer handguns, such as Glock and Sig Sauer. They are also really big into AR-15s.

The final group I want to discuss are your survivors. These guys are determined that the world will be ending soon, and they must be absolutely certain of their own survival. This means that they will be hoarding guns and ammo like no one’s business. They may have many different types of guns, but they are all very typically easy-to-maintain models like the AK-47. Their stylish gun gear always is about this obsession they have of surviving at all costs.

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