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Sara Blakely founded Spanx in 1998 with the desire to make women look their best. Today, Spanx carries out this mission with its full line of swimwear for women. Spanx swimwear is available for all types of women in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. A swimsuit or bathing suit by Spanx has the ability to help you look and feel great on your vacation, whether you are lounging at the pool or at the beach.

What Spanx swimwear does is it specifically targets certain parts of your body to help you slim and shape your figure. All of the swimwear is designed for women of every age and body type. Spanx’s line of swimwear works in part because they utilize the same technology, features, and techniques in their regular line of shapewear.

Does Spanx really work, you might be asking? Yes, Spanx swimwear works because it is constructed with an inner shell that helps target different parts and areas of your body by slimming and shaping them. Also, Spanx cuts their swimwear in specific ways that flatter and complement a woman’s figure. Intricate stitching of the swimsuit or swimwear and use of high quality materials also contributes to its effectiveness.

How can Spanx swimwear be so effective at slimming and shaping a woman’s body? It is effective because of specialized panels in the swimsuit that offer medium to firm hold over different areas of the body. The pressure and control from these panels, specifically placed to maximize their use, is what makes them able to contour to and shape a woman’s body.

These panels are made from fabrics like lycra and spandex, perfect because of their strength and pliability. The spandex and lycra in the panels help to contour and shape the various areas of the body. Spandex in particular is very effective and can be used in any number of ways in the swimwear, from tightening your waist to decreasing fat in your back or thighs.

Spanx incorporates other techniques and features in its swimwear that help slim and shape a woman’s body, such as ruching and tiers. These techniques are great because they help constrict, slim, and contour the body. Ruching involves folding and stitching the material in a bathing suit to make features such as layers, scallops, ruffles, and petals. Both of these techniques are effective because they camouflage the figure and add attractive details to the swimwear.

How can Spanx swimwear specifically target different areas of your body? If your midsection carries extra weight, the slimming technology in Spanx swimsuits can help create hold, decreasing bulges and flattening your stomach. The swimwear is capable of minimizing your bust, waist, backside, thighs, and any problem area you might have. Spanx swimwear is also very good at supporting someone who has a full or large bust, and can even help elongate and accentuate your torso and legs.

Spanx is the undoubted leader and innovator in slimming shapewear because it has always been their mission to help every woman feel and look their best. They do this by combining the best materials, technology, and features and techniques available with their unparalleled commitment and passion. Spanx is rooting for every woman out there who wants to look amazing, which is why they have a full line of swimwear and swimsuits in a dizzying array of styles, sizes, and colors. No matter what size or what body type you have, there is a Spanx swimwear or bathing suit that can help you achieve your goals and desires.

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