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When you line up a group of people, you’re most likely going to get different answers on what is trendy. People have their own perspectives on fashion; even if the viewpoints appear the same, there are little quirks which will help differentiate themselves from one another. Long dresses seem to be no exception, considering the different types there are. These dresses may possess loveliness across the board but people are definitely going to look at them differently due to their unique fashion senses.

I think, as a male, offering opinions on long dresses can be challenging, try as I might to do so. However, I can offer my views on such variations as ball gowns which, to me, seem to be more traditional than anything else. While the top seems to hug the body well, the bottom is spread to the sides in a style that people may consider old. However, I feel like “vintage” is the better term and it’s where I see companies such as Estelle’s offering their own viewpoints which will be more learned on the matter.

I can see why people would like beaded dresses as well because it presents a bit more sparkle than most other types. Girls may want to stand out from the rest and I think an outfit like this presents the opportunity to do so. I notice the appeal of them but I don’t know if I’m such a big fan of them. I’m someone who believes that less is more and such a mindset can be applied to the clothes that people wear, no matter what the occasion may be for them.

However, I’m sure that people are going to make their decisions to buy dresses based on the price as well. How many times have you heard or said, upon looking at a tag, “it looks nice but not that nice?” It’s one of the make-or-break points that can sell someone on just about anything and if the item isn’t worth the perceived value, people are not going to want to buy. It’s a fine line that only a select few tailors are able to comprehend and build business around.

Dresses are not exactly my area of expertise but I can still give my opinions on the ones which are the most fashionable. Above all else, I would like to accentuate the point of subtlety. After all, clothes are not the kinds of things which should just jump out at your face and those which are more relaxed are the ones that, in my mind, should be looked at. Of course, that’s just one man’s opinion that is most likely going to differ from those of others.

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