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There is a growing need for plus-size models today. It is no longer the case that you have to be pin-thin and extremely tall to be a model. Many modeling agencies worldwide have plus size divisions now.

There are numerous opportunities for full figured women in modeling. This is a perfect career for a confident, plus size women who want to make money and travel the world. Here are some tips for women who are thinking of starting off in modeling.

1. Make sure you fall into the actual “Plus Size” category. Many agents turn away women and tell them that they need to gain weight to be considered plus size. Many women have skewed versions of themselves in their heads, so make sure to consult a reliable agent to make sure you qualify.

2. Learn everything you can about the plus size modeling business. Before you even begin to pursue a career, take time to learn about every aspect of the job and industry today. If you do this, you will outshine other aspiring plus size models in auditions and meetings.

3. Remember that plus size models are selling. The purpose of any model is to sell, whether it is a product or service. A model’s main purpose is to make something look appealing in order to sell it.

4. Always Look Your Best — Part of modeling is offering an attractive appearance when promoting products. Every detail matters including white teeth, smooth silky hair, and glowing skin. Taking a professional attitude to personal appearance is an important part of being photographed.

5. You have to look your absolute best. Even as a plus size model you need to watch your figure and stay toned and looking great. Also keep up with your skin, have beautiful teeth (these are imperative for good pictures), hair, nails, etc. Your body is your “moneymaker” as they say, so take care of it accordingly.

6. Find a fantastic agent. The best places to start looking are the major cities of New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago as the industry is based in these places. When you interview with an agency, make sure you look your best. Wear minimal jewelry and muted colored clothing that flatters you. They are interested in seeing your face and personality rather than flashiness or lots of cleavage. If they mention classes or big fees, leave immediately, because agents like these are not legit.

7. Be confident. Sheer determination and self-confidence will go very far for you especially in the beginning stages. The world of modeling is competitive, and those with the most drive shine through and make it.

8. Be persistent, no matter what. There is a lot of rejection in the plus size modeling world, so only those who are willing to put in the most time will make it. Follow every lead and go to every audition, even if you don’t think you’ll get the job – you never know until you try.

9. Do not come apart at the seams over rejection. Modeling can be brutal and negative feedback is part of it. If you can’t handle rejection, this is certainly not the right career for you. Don’t take it personally, just use it to your advantage and move on.

10. Hang In There — Plus Size modeling can be a tough business and rejection is a natural part of it. No one gets every job they audition for, so it is important to handle it well and learn from the experience.

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