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This lady is so hot now; even if you aren’t in the know when talking about the music biz, you will have seen her face everywhere. Jay-Z considers her his new protege, so we are able to confidently say she is the lady everyone is chatting about. The gifted Brit beauty is the newest songbird to come out of the UK, making her face known in US with her fun, urban pop vocals. Together with her enviable glam grunge style, the 90s electrified urban diva is effortlessly chic. It certainly takes the ‘back to the 90s ‘ trend to a different level. The happy news is it’s not at all complicated for us to imitate a bit of that noteworthy look without spending hundreds of pounds of designer fashion.

You don’t have to be a fashion expert to know that Ora is not afraid to make a style statement. When it comes to the brashest, oddest piece on the rack of any stylist, it seems that Rita has the abilities to claim it as her own and make it into an element of style. When she was shooting for her album cover, her bleached blonde hair and red beanie hat, the Union Jack Jumper sent her eccentricity up another notch. Not all of us may feel we can pull off that beanie hat and bleached blonde curls, but a slouchy Americana Jumper and red lipstick can certainly brighten up a dull sunday afternoon.

In the cover shoot for Complex magazine she dons a crop top and tight mini skirt, the platform trainers making the fashionable outfit sporty and fanciful. We too can channel a little bit of that 90s love child, with our reliable red bodycon dress or orange crop top with Ash platform shoes.

Rita Ora looks amazing in her rebellious style matching chain printed bomber jacket and harem pants. It features futuristic prints and adheres to her own style DNA, teamed with her trusty platform trainers. She claims to own over 200 pairs! Whilst we might not wear the trends head to toe, we can wear a figure-hugging chain print dress, easily paired with trainer platforms.

Rita Ora looks amazing in her disaffected style with matching chain bomber jacket and harem pants. She wears high tech prints and sticks to her own style DNA, always teamed with her reliable platform trainers. She claims to possess over Two hundred pairs! Whilst we may not wear the trends head to toe, we could wear a figure-hugging chain print dress, simply paired with coach platforms.

Through all the looks that Rita sports, she usually wears a perfect orangey, red hue lipstick, MAC’s Lady Danger being one of her tops. With her statement curls and scarlet lips, Rita’s style manages to be both classic and fresh, completely hers and yet something fans of her style will simply be in a position to pay homage to.

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