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Whether you are new to the world of crochet or experienced in this sector making crochet ponchos is a great way to pass time or gain some more experience. You can choose from all different sizes and shapes, here is a list to get you started in this easy and fun hobby using crochet:

For people who do not have a lot of experience, the in the round poncho is great to get started. This poncho is made by crocheting circles, you start off by making a series of chains, then you form a circle with the chains made by link the first chain with the last one on your hook, and then continue making more chains. You must increase the size of the circles you make to get the shape right.

To achieve the shape, start out with two strands of yarn to make the collar, making sure you slip stitch the to the first chain that you have. When you have the collar finished with single crochet, cut one of the strands to work it into the last row. Then you start with the increase by adding five strands to the rows you make by creating two single crochets in one of the stitches. Do this until you reach the desired length.

Another quite easy poncho you can make is known as the modular poncho. It can also be made in different sizes so you can create a poncho from baby size to large sizes. It is quite important to get measurements of the person you are making the poncho for before you start, so that you are certain that you have the correct sizing.

To make this type of poncho the first thing you have to do is crochet two rectangles that will mark the size of the poncho. Then all you have to do is sew the long side of one of the rectangles with the short side of the other rectangle, crating a v shape at the front. Do the same at the back of the poncho in the opposite way, therefore creating another v and closing the poncho, which is now ready to be worn.

You could also try making the boat neck style poncho. This is a very easy piece to make but the finished piece will only look right if you get the measurements exactly right. You will have to measure from the middle of one of your hands to the middle of your other hand, this is going to be the final size of your poncho, along with the desired length.

Once you have done your measurements, it is time to crochet two rectangles that are the same size as the measurements. Make sure you make the rectangles wide enough as well depending on the length that you want the finished piece to be. Then simply sew the two rectangles together by the shoulders so that you have enough room to put your head through.

Whichever style you choose for your crochet ponchos, there are a lot of ideas online for you to help you add patterns and different colours to the final piece. This will help you to personalise each poncho that you make. Making them great for gifts.

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