Published on May 18, 2011, by in Custom Tshirts.

If you choose what you sponsor carefully then you can also benefit from the association. For instance sponsor a charity and your company will be seen to be philanthropic and this will increase your reputation with the general public.

Handing Out: Likewise you can also get the general public to wear your . There are many ways to achieve this and depending on how you market your custom apparel it is even possible sometimes to get your clients and customers to buy your custom t-shirts. This way you are then not only profiting from the sale, but then from the marketing too.
More often effective though is to give out the custom clothing and here you will seem generous as well as getting your name out there. There are many great opportunities to give out custom clothing and particularly effective are large events – for instance if you throw a launch party, or if you attend a tradeshow. Here you can give out goodie bags and include the custom t-shirts in those so that your visitors go away with your business fresh in their mind with something to keep as well.

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