I grew up as an only child so my twin daughters are the only grandchildren for my mother, so when she mentioned her interest in seeing them take their first communion, I decided I would go with it even though I’m not very religious, and I set out in search of some first communion dresses. My mother told me she wanted to pay for the dresses, and I could hardly remember the last time I had seen her so excited, so I figured I needed to find some amazing dresses to make the day special for my mom as well as my girls.

The problem that I ran into then, was that I didn’t know where to find first communion dresses and as I browsed through various clothing stores, I learned that this was not where I was going to find these kinds of dresses. I went home and gave my cousin a call so that I could ask where she had purchased the dresses that she had used for her kids, but I was told that her mother in law had actually made the dresses, so I would have no help from that quarter.

As a last resort, I decided to look online, which I am always reluctant to do after a horrible experience that my husband and I had, in which we ordered a television online and when it arrived it turned out to be a worthless piece of garbage. As I searched, however, I decided that I would give it another shot, since I know that not every website is a scam.

My hope was proven correct when I found a website that not only had the dresses I was looking for, but other white clothing that I thought was beautiful, such as christening gowns and more. Once I began looking at all of the various dresses, it took me a while to choose which dresses I wanted to order, since I didn’t know if I wanted my daughters to both have the same dresses or to both have a different one.

After much deliberation, I decided I really wanted them to wear matching dresses, since they were getting older and I didn’t know how much longer they would submit to wear matching clothes for me. The best part for me was when I took the dresses over to show my mother, and when the girls tried them on for her, she was so ecstatic she actually shed tears of happiness. When the day was here for them to participate in their first communion, I felt so proud as I saw them in their gorgeous dresses that I could hardly contain my own happy tears!

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