I had been wearing the same pair of glasses for ages, but I finally grew weary of the tons of little scratches on the lenses, so I had to search for the best eye glasses Plano could offer. For the most part, though, the scratches only come gradually and while I noticed them mostly at times when there was a lot of light shining at me from different angles, I did eventually become aware that they were there.

I tried to ignore the scratches, but I had the silly fear that maybe the scratches would harm my eyesight even more, so I thought I had better start looking for some new glasses. The issue was that I had recently moved to Plano, and I didn’t have the faintest idea about where to look for the kind of eye glasses Plano residents could rely on. I was in such a hurry, that rather than ask my friends or co-workers if they had any suggestions, I determined to take my dilemma to the Internet.

It proved to be a nice move, because I was able to read through the reviews and see what the patients had to say about their experiences with them. I looked over the options and after comparing some of the pros and cons, I felt certain that I had found an eye doctor who was dependable, and had an extraordinary reputation for being a phenomenal eye doctor.

I made an appointment with them and when I went in to see them, I was immediately impressed with how professional everyone was, as well as how caring and personable they all were. The exam was great, and I could barely believe it when the doctor said that my prescription didn’t need to be as strong as it had been. When I told the doctor about the issue I had had with the scratches on my lenses, he suggested some really durable lenses.

I was astonished to see just how affordable the lenses were, as well as the frames, and as I left with my new pair of glasses, I felt on top of the world. As I was driving home, the sun was setting and the light shone on me at just the right angle, and without thinking, I moved my head to avoid the glare on the scratches, but then I realized that my lenses were completely clear, and I could see perfectly!

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