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Holding contests is one of the best marketing techniques that have proven to work over time. However, where there is a contest, there has to be a prize. Following are some ideas for prizes that can suit every budget:
– Gift Cards / Discount Coupons: Gift cards and discount coupons are ideal for increasing consumer traffic to a retail store. The best kind of advertising is word-of-mouth, and that can only be achieved when customers actually visit the store or use the product. Handing out gift cards and coupons is a great way to lure potential customers into experiencing your business or product for the first time.

– T-Shirts / Hoodies: Clothing is always a popular choice for contest prizes, especially with younger consumers who are looking to score free clothing. You can get great deals with custom t-shirt printers and have a range of t-shirts and hoodies printed. Every time the t-shirt is worn out in public, it presents an opportunity for your corporate logo to be advertised.

– Stationary: If you have a very limited budget, custom stationary makes for excellent prizes. You can order custom printed stationary, like pens, pencils, etc in bulk for a fraction of the cost of other products. Besides being used as contest prizes, you can also treat them as giveaways and increase the presence of your brand in the public space.

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