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One of my favorite holidays of all time is just right around the corner! There are very few days I enjoy celebrating more than Saint Patrick’s Day. I like to go out with my friends, knock back an unseemly number of shots, and play Irish folk songs on the jukebox all night long. In my opinion, that’s one heck of a great night. Over the last few years, though, it seems that the atmosphere has gotten less traditional and more like Mardi Gras. Green beads, weird hats, and Irish party shirts are everywhere.

The first year that the kids showed up we just ignored it. There weren’t that many of them and we just drank our beers and kept to ourselves. The very next year, the number of crazy people in crazy Irish shirts had tripled. I could see a problem brewing and several of the old fellows I hang out with disliked it way more than I did. If I didn’t figure out a solution, our St. Patrick’s Day would be ruined.

In response to the growing problem, I felt a need to take drastic measures. Last year, my friends all told me they weren’t going out. No one wanted to deal with the crazy atmosphere that St. Patrick’s had taken on. I decided I was going to go out anyway…as one of the enemy. I wore an insane Irish t-shirt and face makeup that I bought at the store. Besides being twice their age, I blended in pretty well.

I have to admit that the great Irish tee shirts were a real hit at the bar. People seemed to just absorb me into their groups. I mingled all around, bought drinks for people, and had drinks bought for me all night long. I probably got a little bit drunker than I intended to, but I was responsible about taking a cab home. I didn’t make any terrible mistakes and had an awesome time. All in all, the whole experience was extremely positive and a whole lot of fun.

As much fun as I had that night, I’m not sure that I’ll be putting on the old Irish t shirts again for another round of debauchery this coming Saint Patrick’s Day. If my old friends and I have to move to a smaller, more obscure pub in order to keep with how we feel St. Patrick’s should be honored…then so be it. There is plenty of room in this world for the youth to act like insane alcoholic madmen and for the elders to act like stodgy traditionalists.

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