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Wedding favors these days have basically become the in-thing and a traditional part of a reception experience. Innovative favors such as custom mugs will not only remind the guests on how special the wedding day was and its main partakers, but they will also be useful for many years to come. These sorts of favors make a reception table to be more personalized and thereby making the whole experience something of a kind.

Many modern couples nowadays are opting for custom made wedding gifts and for very good reasons. Firstly, they simply want to deviate from the commonly used chocolates, bells and the other customary wedding favors. Secondly, the majority of the bulk-produced gifts mostly can wind up being quite pricey and ordinary; however, customized gifts add more meaning to a wedding reception, especially if some thought had been given when designing them. Simply put, thoughtful wedding favors make the whole wedding reception to be quite a memorable celebration for all.

What sorts of wedding favors can you settle for?


When it comes to the wanted custom wedding favors , it is good to remember that any chosen custom wedding favor needs to portray the right messages and that have some special meaning to the couple and their guests. For example, most couples share similar interests which are what in the first place permitted them to meet and then make them fall in love with each other. So in this regard, come up with something that basically tells a narrative of how they first met, their favorite activities, first date and so forth.

Here are some unique custom wedding favor ideas that may be opted for.

•    Personalized mugs:  A couple that frequently meet in a favorite coffee-shop can present favors that include personalized mugs, chocolate stirring spoons, bags of favorite coffee or even tea and so forth. Ordinary plain mugs are quite inexpensive when purchased in bulk, however by customizing them innovatively for example by printing things such as wedding dates, the couple initials, pasting a favorite couple’s picture on them and so forth you will have made them dearer to the people who will use them or using them or even presented with them.


•    Unusual wine glass: If the wedding couples are wine aficionados, then they can search antique shops or thrift stores for atypical wine stoppers, glasses and the likes. Have them printed with personalized messages and then used during the wedding reception or to be offered to each of their guests when leaving the wedding venue.

•    Personalized cookie cutters or measuring spoons: These two can be fun customized gift items that can be offered to special guests as they are leaving the wedding reception. You can also give them a much loved family recipe and a personalized spoon attached – the options are innumerable. Simply put, cooks have a wide range of options for custom wedding favors that can be opted for, the choice as to which to opt for however is all theirs!


All in all, whichever custom made wedding favors idea you settle for, be sure to be as innovative and original as possible on the chosen products for the desired effect. For example, if you settle for the mentioned custom mugs, then have them printed with the right messages or pasted with the right pictures as this will remind you and your guests about your special day long after it is gone. This is what every wedding couple really wants, their special wedding day being remembered forever, isn’t it?

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