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Victorian jacket added comfort to both men and women of the old west, especially of 1870 to 1900 during the cold weather. Whenever they were, whether out of their ranches or in town, they wore this well designed piece of clothing to protect them from cold. These jackets were carefully made in different versions to cater all needs of the wearer.

For instance, these garment kept one out of cold, dust, rain and damp. They were normally made using wool of hushed colors such as navy, black or charcoal. Today, one can only get this kind of garment from companies that specialize in old west garments. They are also now made with remarkable velvet materials. Some are made for formal wear using lighter polyester fabric.

Pale tot of 1873 is one other type that was admired by many for its features as it had rivets, buttons, and black cording that enhanced the decorative features. There was also the spring pale tot which was known for its pocket flaps and used to be longer and had buttons and fringe for decoration; it was usually worn during winters mostly.

These outfits are a remembrance of the old west fashion days, and illustrate some styles that used to be popular. Jackets made for men and women were almost similar, only that they differed with their fabrics; the Victorian period was the influencing factor of this western wear. However, it was an incorporation of diverse styles from Europe and America.

When carrying out ranching duties, people wore these coats. With their heavy canvas and cotton, they were durable and provided enough warmth to people working in ranches. Many were long sleeved and therefore covered arms. They had long collars, which also covered face and the neck from wind, rain and cold. This wear suited many people, including those working every day in the cold.

When one wore a dress underneath, the jacket was an ideal over garment. This type of Victorian wool jacket fell below the knee. It also had a cowl at the neck that protected the wearer from cold weather. These garments kept warmth; therefore many people preferred them in old west periods because they were not only warm, but also comfortable.

Purchasing a Victorian jacket is still a trendy in the New West. Its handy design components and fabric continues to add more variations in the market that many western wearers can choose from. This shows how people are enjoying dressing in styles of the past. Consequently, they are now able to appreciate and value the past trends.

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