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At the same time, they might opt for another type of shirt if you haven’t designed your custom polo shirts that well. However with logo pens the branding is small and people won’t see it that easily and this then means that people tend to resent using them so much. Of course there are many different advantages to custom t-shirts and there are ways to get around these problems, however in terms of being inconspicuous and not too ostentatious, logo pens certainly have an advantage over some ‘louder’ options.

They are practical: Pens are something that everyone can use, and this then means that they will be seen regularly, and that they will get used on many occasions. This then means that anyone will be happy to take logo pens off of your hands – but it also creates a whole unique situation that you can take of advantage of where you ask someone to sign something or write something down, and you then offer them a pen which they might use. The pen is of course one of your logo pens, and when they go to give it back you can just tell them to keep it.

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