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If you want some quick and cheap corporate promotional items to help spread your company name, then logo pens are one of the best routes to go down and offer many advantages over other types of corporate promotional items.

The first great thing about logo pens is that they’re cheap to create. This means you can order them in bulk and means you can give away lots. Of course the more merchandise you give away, the more will be circulating around the general populace and the more people will get to see your logo and be reminded of your company.

At the same time logo pens are also highly useful for anyone who gets them. While ladies golf shirts immediately limit their audience (though they are of course still very useful corporate gift ideas in other ways), logo pens are something we will all need from time to time. In fact often people will ask you if you have a pen on you, and at this point you can simply produce one of your logo pens and tell them they can keep it.

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