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When attending a corporate trade show it is always a good idea to bring some promotional items to hand out to anyone that stops by your booth. Instead of handing out boring old business cards, which can easily be misplaced, promotional items offer you a creative way to get new potential clients or customers to remember your business. One of the best promotional items to hand out at one of these conferences is promotional pens.

Promotional pens are extremely cheap to produce and give you enough space to put your business name, address and phone number so potential clients or customers can contact you. Also, being an item that people use every day, promotional pens are a very practical item to give away as well, ensuring that the people who receive these items will actually use them.

The fact that someone is going to use your promotional pens makes it a good idea to give out these promotional items as more potential customers are likely to see your company name when they are in use. With pens being an item that is used frequently, you can be assured that whoever you hand your promotional item to will actually use it, and it will not go to waste.

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