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Silk scarf color beautiful, use it to do with your entire modeling, really very elegant and fashionable. General silk scarves are expensive, so in order to keep its good performance, in the understanding of silk scarf how washing must pay attention to the following important aspects.

First, when washing silk scarf, should not it soaked in cold water for too long time, to five to ten minutes is appropriate. Available neutral detergent, washing cannot use alkaline detergent, soap, detergent or other detergent to wash, cannot even use the disinfectant. Silk scarves must not use the washing machine wash, hand wash, cleaning, rub to light, cannot rub with gravity to prevent fiber damage.

Secondly, good washing silk scarf, preferably with water to dry, and dried, and may not in the sun exposure, which can prevent the impact of fiber strength and color fastness. About clothes Beaching dry, they can be removed, so that after drying the silk scarves feels softer feel, and not easy to fade.

Third, the characteristics of the silk scarves is acid-proof alkali, so in order to keep the bright color to dry before the best in water and several drops of acetic acid, then scarves soaked in water for about ten minutes, then let it dry, so you can keep the bright color of the scarf. This is one of the tips for how to clean silk scarves.

Fourth, silk items shouldn’t squirt perfume, atmosphere freshener, deodorant; storage space does not use mothballs, because it may lead to silk scarves adsorption certain smell or discoloration. Manmade fiber scarves best with a coat hanger within the closet hangs hangers do not use metal, avoid corrosion such as air pollution, and really should go within direct sunlight to not end up being protected against light.

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