When a girl goes out on the weekend, she has to spend almost as much time preparing to go out as she does partying at the bar. There is makeup to do, clothes to organize, and girlfriends to coordinate with. When a big party night like St. Patty’s Day rolls around, it’s even worse because you have to factor in cute Irish t-shirts and costumes. Don’t let all of that work be wasted on some bad mistakes, though…okay, girls?

There are just those special few times a year when people really like to let loose of their inhibitions and to go a little nuts. Halloween, New Year’s Eve, and St. Paddy’s Day are the major culprits in this urge to go nuts. It’s okay to put on sexy costumes or cute Irish t-shirts, just so long as you don’t get too caught up in that spirit of revelry.

Looking good is not a crime, and we shouldn’t be punished for it. All most girls want is to go out, look good, flirt, dance, and have fun in our cute Irish t-shirts. I don’t want to worry about some guy dragging me to his apartment to molest me if I get too drunk, so I really watch how much alcohol goes into my body. Don’t forget: it’s okay to turn down a free drink!

I’m not trying to tell you that you shouldn’t go out and have the time of your life. I just know how easy it is to make mistakes. I’ve made them, and most girls I know have made them. All it takes is a couple of drinks too many and you’re waking up tomorrow with throw up on your cute Irish t-shirts.

It all really comes down to moderation. Just watch what you drink and how much of it you drink, and you’ll have a level enough head to make the right decisions. You can dance on the dance floor, wiggle your butt, and look awesome in your cute Irish t-shirts. If you drink responsibly, you’ll not have to wake up to a huge mess the next morning. No one enjoys that walk of shame. Right, ladies?

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