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If you want the best Mens reading glasses, you need to start with your face. After all, that’s where they’re going to spend all of their time when you’re awake. Once you have that, then you pick out the frame style that is perfect for you. Let’s begin with the shape of your face and your complexion.

Your face is going to be one of four types: Heart, Oval, Round and Square. Here is what to look for with each.

Heart – This face is a bit broader at the top and narrows at the chin. Search for frames that are broader at the bottom to balance out the effect. Rimless styles and light frame shade match a heart molded face.

Oval – This face has much more length than width. The frames you need should be long enough to cover some of the extended cheeks in order to make the face appear shorter. To further balance the effect, choose temple pieces that draw the eye out away from the middle of your face.

Round – All things are equal here with the width and length being approximately the same. Narrow, angular, Mens reading glasses give a little more length to this face and cause it to appear thinner. Rectangular formed frames and lenses go well with this face.

Square – A strong jawline and wide forehead provide this face its shape. Similar to the round face, it’s also comparable in width and length. Frames must be wider on a square face than others; oval lenses help to finish the effect of a narrower face.

Complexion: Mens reading glasses need to compliment the skin color of the wearer. Complexions are either cool or warm. Cool complexions have a pink or blue undertone while warm complexions have a yellowish undertone. If you are not sure if you have a warm or cool complexion, ask your wife or girlfriend. If you feel embarrassed, ask a clerk at cosmetics counter.

Warm Complexions should wear frames that are Gold, Orange, Red or Tan in color. Cool Complexions should wear frames that are Amber, Black, Blue, or Red-Brown in color.

Ok, you understand your complexion and face today. Let’s purchase your brand new Mens reading glasses. There are five basic types of frames to choose from; here’s a breakdown to help you determine which style is going to be best for you.

Classic – These are your aviator glasses, with a rectangular or butterfly shape. Colors are usually shades of black, brown and tortoise shell. Temple pieces can be modernized using detailing and different textures.

Hipster – These frames are generally big in looks and are stylishly square. Fundamental colors are ochre, umber and chartreuse. They are also usually two-toned.

Natural – These types of frames use earthy colors and are usually translucent in looks. Contemporary earthy frames are made from eco-friendly materials with wood accents.

Sporty – These frames match an outdoor type personality. They feature strong, bright colors with exaggerated detailing on a slick, wraparound frame.

Trendy – Angular, two-toned frames with bold brow bars make these frames stand out. If you spend more on your clothing than your car, these are the frames for you.

Enjoy yourself while picking out your new Mens reading glasses. If you don’t like what you observe, you won’t smile and then nobody else will either. All the best!

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