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A great way to expand your business’ profits is through different types of merchandise. The most popular forms of merchandise are t-shirts, key chains, and posters. While these are all great ways to promote your business’ brand, one of the better merchandising options that is regularly overlooked is custom pens.

Custom pens offer an excellent opportunity to get your business’ name and logo out in the public for some additional marketing. Since custom pens are dirt cheap to create, this advertising method is extremely cost effective, and can yield terrific results. By simply giving away these free pens to your customers when they enter your store, you will be able to increase the public exposure of your business. This added advertising will result in more customers walking through your door, and ultimately more money in your pocket.

The reason why custom pens are such a good merchandising option for your business is that everyone uses pens on a daily basis. Pens are very easy to misplace as well, so people are always looking for new pens to replace the ones that they have lost. When you offer free custom pens to your customers, there is a great chance these people will actually use the item therefore advertising your business in the process.

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