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Turbans have been making a huge splash in the fashion industry in recent years and the Missoni turban is one of the most stylish options available. The style itself comes from religious and cultural head garments traditionally worn in the Middle East, but this new trend has made them a fashionable accessory that is in demand. They are so versatile they can be paired with almost any outfit.

They have used their trademark crochet design to create many different styles of clothing and now they have brought it to this trendy fashion accessory. The knitwear turbans do not only come in their famous zigzag pattern but also in many others that they have created. This gives a very unique, textured appearance to a very traditional item.

They are well known for their use of bright colors that stand out, and this is very noticeable in their line of turbans. There are colors to compliment any look so finding one that is a match to your style is easy. The bright, colorful designs that they use will please anyone and give a playful appearance to any look.

Turbans have become a very fashionable item everywhere from the runway to the streets. They can be paired with almost any outfit and make a great alternative to hats and scarves. The high fashion appeal of this look adds style to any ones personal taste.

They make a great alternative to hats and scarves that are commonly worn to social events such as weddings and formal gatherings. They can be paired with an elegant gown to give the style a funky effect. They can transform a plain look into a fashionable statement. When worn at one of these social gatherings they are sure to make you stand out in the crowd

When dressing for a casual day out they can make a great option for keeping hair out of your face. Just because they have been made by a high fashion giant does not mean that they won’t fit in on the street like they do on the runway. These are a perfect way to add some style to an otherwise plain outfit.

They complement many different styles and colors from plain comfortable clothes to intricate designs and high fashion. There are many options to choose from with a wide array of patterns and colors. For every ones personal style there will be something that will suit their own individuality, that is what fashion is about.

There are several different designs in the Missoni turban line. The plain turban has a look similar to that of a traditional turban but the intricacies of the crochet work and the brilliance of the colors make it stand out. Then there is a similar design that has the addition of a tail hanging down the back for an added bit of flair. They also have a beautiful headband that takes the style of the traditional garment but allows the hair to flow freely out the back.

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