A uniform represents the standard clothing worn by the members of a group or an organization. Uniforms are all alike and similar in nature, symbolizing a particular work force.

Uniforms are symbolic and are used in establishing the distinct identity of a specific group in our society. The uniforms of police officers, armed forces or soldiers are easily identifiable and pretty much the same, no matter to which culture one belongs to. Professional organizations use a uniform for creating a standardized corporate image.

The uniforms are designed in such a way that they are functionally suitable for their professional requirements. Firefighter’s uniform is composed of a helmet, jacket and trousers made of fire resistant fabrics to provide protection. Sports organizations also have their own uniform, to represent their game and team. Baseball uniforms are flexible and designed to provide ease to the players. Runners use loose fitted, light uniforms which help them perspire.

Many other organizations also use uniforms in order to have their own identity. Certain schools use a uniform dress code, as measure of establishing discipline and equality among children. Cooks, doctors, nurses, engineers, security guards, business people, bank, post office workers, fast-food workers, judges, lawyers, etc. all have their own distinct uniforms.

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