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Think a Halloween costume wig isn’t worth the hassle? Think again! The perfect hair can take your look from “interesting” to “dazzling!” Don’t just pick the first blonde wig that comes your way; take your time when deciding on the ideal Halloween costume wig.

Why a Wig? You may be asking, “Why a wig?” Well, Halloween is a time for fun and fantasy. Face it, Halloween is just as much fun for the adults as it is for the kids – only the candy is a little different. A Halloween costume wig can take your look to the next level. Wigs make it easy to change your look in an instant with little effort. If you are normally a brunette haired homemaker, why not don a French maid costume and an auburn wig? Hello mamma! Ooh la la!

Where to Start? Oh – now the fun part! The world of wigs is at your disposal. Any shape, size, color, style and length imaginable is available. Ever wonder what you would look like as a red head? Now’s your chance! Need to recreate the swinging 70’s? Look out afro wig! The only one stopping you is yourself.

Choosing a Wig There is a little difference in choosing an everyday wig and choosing a Halloween costume wig. Above all, you do want your wig to be comfortable to wear, even if you will not wear it every day. Since you do not want your wig to fall off, you will require a snug fit; however, it should not be too tight on your skin. Keep in mind that some wigs are made of real hair and they can be pinned to your natural hair.

A Blonde Bombshell Wig A blonde wig can provide the extra liveliness to your Halloween costume. Whether it is short and sassy or long and sultry, a golden touch added to your costume just may be the thing you need. Keep in mind that movie stars are not the only ones who can make a blonde wig work for them in a complimentary way.

Find your Funk with an Afro Wig If you want to give your costume a cool flair, get an afro wig. Straight from the seventies’ disco era, a “natural” or afro wig brings life and fun to your look. Whether it is close to the head or long and wild, you will definitely get a reaction!

Find a Wig that Matches your Costume This will create the most polished look. Definitely have fun and go for that crazy Halloween costume wig. But try to remember that there is no such thing as a blonde wigged Elvira.

Sweet or Sexy: It’s all in the Wig! So you want a sweet look or do you want to go all goth and vampish? Well, it is all in the wig. Think about the look or mood that you want to convey, then it is a matter of putting it together. Now, whether you go with the wig first, or the costume is just a matter of the chicken or the egg. It makes no difference. Do what works for you then hit that Halloween party and have an awesome time! Edited by Svetchey Sanorols–Hair-title0-p-2-c-470.html Find Halloween Afro and Blonde hair wigs that completes your Halloween costume at

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