Spectacles are a great help to people who can’t see visibly. Some individuals may only require glasses in order to read or see small items from afar, but there are those who rely seriously on these devices to secure them through the day. Because of the important purpose that doctor prescribed glasses have in the lives of individuals, optical specialists have put together the following tips to help eyeglass wearers in London, UK and around the globe protect their eyeglasses better:

Use the appropriate material to wipe your eyeglasses. The lenses are the most critical element of a pair of eyeglasses, and keeping these free from marks must be a top priority among those who use spectacles.

Many people make the mistake of cleaning their lenses and varifocals with nearly anything: the corner of a sleeve, a bath towel, facial wipes, wool fabric and even paper towels. Some of these products may seem soft and absorbent enough for the function, but all of the mentioned items (especially paper towels) can leave unpleasant marks on lenses. The perfect material to clean lenses with is a microfiber fabric; this can effectively eliminate grime and dirt without affecting the state of the lens. Of course, it also pays to take care of the fabric you use to clean your glasses – bear in mind any grime accumulated on the fabric will be transported to the lenses.

Use only mild cleaners to dissolve and rinse away grime. Besides using just about anything to wipe eyeglasses, a lot of eyeglass-wearers also make the mistake of using strong substances to clean lenses. Household cleaners may be sufficiently strong to eliminate dirt and grime effectively, but they may be very powerful that they remove special coatings on the lenses too. You may use mild soap and water to remove stubborn dirt, but the most effective substances to clean glasses with are the uniquely formulated eyeglasses cleaners sold by opticians.

Store your spectacles properly. People who only use spectacles for reading usually place their glasses just about anywhere – lenses down on the surface, on cold or hot surfaces or out of the case – so that it’s a lot easier for them to put the glasses on when they need to. This routine can severely harm not merely the lenses, but also the frames. Some eyeglass brands, like Oakley prescription glasses, are definitely made to withstand harsh conditions, but improper storage can result in breakage of the frames and more scratches on the surface. Intense cold and heat can damage the strength of the components utilized to construct frames while storing out of pouches can cause scratches. The right way to keep glasses when not in use is by using a hard-cover bag and placing it out of locations with extreme conditions.

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