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These days, most forward moving businesses own one sort of a website or another. And since all things today are computer based, nobody wants to be left behind on the on-to-go lifestyle that denotes the nowadays way of living. As more and more businesses are joining the bandwagon that is online way of doing business, competition for the available customers has grown significantly. This simply implies that all businesses have to put more focus on product and service promoting and advertising endeavors.


Should a web-based business solely depend on online form of promoting its activities or products?

Although businesses today are moving into ecommerce, it doesn’t mean that all of its promotion activities for its activities, service and products should be done solely online. As a matter of fact, it is advisable to promote your web-based business, its activities, products and services just like you would do for a normal brick and mortar business. Fortunately, there are no set ways to promote a business and its activities. This is why you will find some people using verbal or written marketing campaigns and others relying on physical promotional items to make known their business activities, products and services to the target audience. In this regard, a great, practical and extra appealing promotional item and that can work great for any business type, online or offline is customized ceramic travel mugs. These one of a kind promotional items are an excellent way to gain new customers and the much needed visibility.

The most timeless classic promotional item in use today

Customized ceramic travel mugs are timeless classic promotional products and that can offer your business instant visibility, particularly when properly designed and utilized. They will help your business fast get a wider paying customer base, something that all business owners wish to have one way or another. And because it is so hard to get your business entity noticed by the use of one magazine, media ad, billboard and the likes, choose to personalize yours by having its names, products, logo and so forth printed various items and then conveniently, get them to your target audience or market. This way, everyone will get to see them and know what you are all about.

This form of marketing amazingly opens lots of doors, even the old ones as well as some new ones. These conveniently and inexpensively enable you to capture new customers and keep the old ones as well. Customizable ceramic travel mugs are items that people could use on a daily basis, meaning that they can help get your company, its products, services and activities quickly noticed by all.

Who should the customizable promotional mugs be given to?

You could start by offering custom printed mugs to your customers, both old and new when they make online purchases or even make an order or a combination of both. Similar to brick and mortar businesses, the majority of web-based companies offer free gifts to their customers when they spend a certain amount of money or have made a specific number of orders from them. By so doing, customers feel appreciated for their purchases and thus will continue doing business with you as opposed to choosing products and services from your competitors.

When all’s said and done, your promotional mugs should clearly show your company’s logo, name, contact details and other vital information that is useful in regard to attracting new and old customers to your business.

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There are a number of effective ways to market your products to the target market. However, these marketing techniques are not all the same as some are more effective than the others. For example, most businesses today are using various types of promotional merchandise to help market their products and services. These all are some of the most inexpensive advertising tools in use today by the marketers, different product manufacturers and even service providers. But what really are these promotional items? Well, they are typically unique items or products with imprinted features that represent a business or a service being advertised.


What are some of the best promotional merchandise in use today?

In the marketing arena these days, there are countless items that can be used as promotional merchandise one way or another. Key rings, tote bags, custom mugs, custom t-shirts and pens are some of the most used promotional items by the marketers today. These all mostly feature customized messages, slogans, logos and the likes to pass along the message to the target market. In this regard, different manufacturers, service providers and their marketers regularly hire the services of different advertising agencies to help create and design various advertising slogans on select items to perfectly serve the promotional purposes of the business. Simply put, using select products from various sources, a marketing strategy is actually actualized.

The most suitable promotional merchandize for use in an advertising campaign are decided on the basis of:

• Appeal: The chosen promotional items must be appealing to the people being targeted. Simply put, they need to be merchandise that your target market will find useful in their lives.

• Quality: The chosen promotional items need to be of a good quality so as to be attractive to your potential customers.

• Space: There need to be sufficient space on the promotional items for encryption of the advertising logo, messages and most important, the contact information.

• Budget: Like in everything else, the expenses in regard to the selected promotional products should fit within your business expenditure framework.

• Affordability: Your chosen promotional items need be very affordable, if not free, so as to be accessible to the target audience.

The best promotional merchandise for marketing should satisfy the above listed requirements, as well as meet the following criteria.

1. Availability of time for customizing

2. Customizability

3. The message being conveyed
4. The target audience

All in all, carefully selected promotional merchandise is an effective tool in generating new and old audience towards your business activities. Not only this, they are a best way to introduce your business dynamically to a prospective customer or consumer. However, their use entails first understanding the target market and a well defined marketing objective. While at it, note that the focus of your advertising campaign is the determining factor on how you use the selected promotional items as the marketing tools. Note only this, the range and flexibility in the mode of utilization underscores the need for a correct understanding of the aim for applying them.

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When you run a business, there are times when you will find it necessary to provide your staff members with some kind of uniform. This is important since it gives them an identity, and also makes it easier for customers to identify them. However, when you are thinking of getting them such clothing, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind. Some of these include:

Make sure you design them properly


Before ordering any clothing for your staff members, you need to go through the process of proper design. This has to be done in the right manner since such clothing effectively determines the kind of ‘face’ your company has. When you have clothing that is not designed properly, it reflects badly on the company and this could have an impact on its success.

There are many ways of designing clothing such as t shirts. For instance, you could find a number of corporate t shirts that you like, and then base your design on them. Of course, you need to do this without violating any copyright laws.

The issue of size

When you are thinking of getting corporate t shirts and other clothing for your staff members, it might be very tempting to get a one size fits all solution. This makes it much easier for you to order the clothing. However, the downside with doing this is that it ends up making the clothing not look too professional. For instance, the t shirts and other clothing might be too small or too large for some of your staff members. Rather than doing this, you should consider getting clothing to perfectly fit your staff members. This makes it look more professional.

Pay attention to the material in which the clothing is made of

When ordering these kinds of clothing, you also need to think of the material you are going to get. There are a number of issues you have to keep in mind when doing this. For one, the clothing has to be comfortable enough for your staff members to not have a problem wearing them. This will encourage them to do so without much resistance. In addition to that, the material has to be long lasting as well. This way, you won’t have to spend a lot of money maintaining the clothing. It will also result in fewer incidences of issues such as fading after a short time of use.

Consider the kind of work each staff member does when designing the clothes for them

When you want to get t shirts and other clothes for your staff members, you also need to keep in mind the kind of work they do. For instance, if there are some staff members who mostly do manual labor, it might not always be a good idea to get them t shirts that are long sleeved, even if they look good on other cadres of your staff. For them, it might make sense to get short sleeved t shorts which make it easier to work and reduce the risk of getting too hot.

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In one’s lifetime, there may come a time when they may need to carry out some kind of fund raising. This could be for any cause, including raising funds for environmental awareness. In such cases, you will often need to spend money in order to raise the awareness and make money out of it. The sign of a successful campaign is when you raise a lot more than you spend. This means that the main goal you need to be aiming for is spending as little as you can, but at the same time maximizing the returns for your efforts. Some of the ways in which this can be done include:

Working with partners

If you are interested in running such a campaign, you may find it a good idea to get partners such as sponsors. For instance, you could ask a radio station to be a sponsor, and then use them as a platform to disseminate the message you are trying to pass across. They could either do this by being part of the team doing the campaign, or by giving you discounts on the airtime you get out of them. Ideally, the partners you choose should have something to do with the kinds of awareness you are trying to raise. For instance, if it’s something to do with the environment, you could try to work with local environmental agencies.

Finding cheaper ways to do the promotion


As has been said, promotion is essential to the success of such a venture. One of the ways of making the entire operation more profitable is by making sure that you get cheap ways of doing such promotion. However, you also need to ensure that whatever method you choose is of high quality as well. For instance, if you have to use t shirts and branded bags to send your message across, it would be necessary for you to find a promotions firm that offers the best value for money. This means spending some time going through the services offered by a number of these firms and then choosing the most appropriate.

Defining the scope of the process

The other way of keeping costs low is by understanding your scope. For instance, if you are only interested in doing the fund raising on a small scale, you would need to figure out who you would be targeting. This will then provide information on issues such as how to package the information you have to ensure that it’s as effective as possible.

In summary, the success of any fundraising effort always lies in the planning. This is especially so when it comes to using promotional materials and products to do this. One way to ensure that you are on the right track is by working with people who have tried it before and have been successful. This, combined with the methods above, will make it much easier for you to end up having a successful fundraiser, whether you are doing it on small scale or large scale.


Although there is no type of rocket-science in designing a promotional mug, some details must be respected in order to make your advertising campaign more profitable and more successful. The message you want to send to your customers must be well-crafted in order to have a bigger impact and for a longer period of time. So, if you cannot wait to create your own personal design which will be applied on customized mugs then read this article. You will find out a few interesting pieces of advice or a step-by-step guide if you want, which will definitely help you.

Get inspired: Look on the internet for designing resources and ideas

8538489483_ed170a257e Using the internet is very easy and you can get so much in return. For example, there are already hundreds if not thousands of types of artworks on the internet and they have already been successfully used. You can use these artworks to create new ideas or implement them into your own design. Also, it is helpful to know what it has already been utilized on various promotional mugs as well. After you have watched these pieces of artwork, you can create your own design with much more accuracy and talent. If your mug features a nice design, your customers will see you as a professional and they will understand that you put a lot of effort in improving and maintain your image. This is excellent for your company in the long run!

Now it is time to create your design and place it on your mug

After an extensive research about how your artwork should look like, all that you have to do is to create it. Take your time and craft your personalized design in a well-known image editor such as Photoshop, for example. Afterwards, all that you have to do is to upload your picture which will be placed on promotional mugs and that’s it. Your products will arrive to you shortly and you can already start your advertising campaign.

Choose the right mug type

Not all mugs are really suitable for everyone. For example, if you sell different types of coffee, a mug might not be that appropriate. You should use a coffee cup instead. Your customers will quickly understand what message you want to transmit and your advertising method will also be unique as well. Another important aspect is the size of the mug, its material and its color. Again, use your imagination and come up with a really breathtaking idea, in order to impress your customers. When these small details add up, the end result can be really amazing! By investing a lot of time and effort into tailoring your advertising campaign, you are also making it much more profitable in the long run. Also, you will know what works for you and what mistakes you should avoid in the future as well. When the entire mug designing process is finished, let us handle the other aspects. We can place your personalized design on the mugs of your choice and create as many promotional mugs as you need! Feel free to also check our design studio from our website if you need to draw a quick sketch of your artwork. Have fun!


Spreading promotional items to your potential customers is a very profitable marketing strategy and it will bring you a lot of benefits in the long run. Not only that your clients will be impressed and they will appreciate the gesture but your popularity grows without having to do too much effort or to spend too much money.

If you are interested and you want to advertise using promotional items then continue reading this article. There are lots and lots of items which can be handed for free but these 3 are among the best ones.



You probably have already one or more mugs which you have received as promotional items. These products are very inexpensive and that’s why it is a good idea to use them in order to promote your company. Your overall advertising campaign will not be very costly and by ordering in large quantities, you will even get a discount. Make sure that you place a nice artwork on your customized mugs and your company’s image will definitely be increased. Hand these products to people in various crowded places and observe the results.


Whether you go for grocery bags or laundry bags, this product is very useful for a variety of reasons. First of all, it is very practical because everyone needs a bag in order to carry things from various places. Secondly, bags suitable for different purposes are also cheap as well. Thirdly, bags offer a large advertising space! Basically, your drawing, the brand of your company, your logo, any writings that you add to your design will be more visible and the potential customers will be able to notice them easier. Also, bags made from very durable materials will continue to promote your company for a long period of time as well.


These products come in various designs and models too and they are very useful in various circumstances. They also provide sufficient advertising space and they can last for a couple of years. Make sure that you pick the right hat model and you carefully select the space where you will put your customized design. Especially if there is a hot day outside, white hats are very helpful in protecting the passersby against excessive sunlight. Use this to your advantage if you decide to start your advertising campaign when the warm seasons begin.

Therefore, without spending too much money and with little to no effort, your plan starts to get shape! Make sure that you create a stunning, noticeable and suggestive design which will be displayed on your promotional products, in order to get the most out of your advertising campaign.

Also, if you need assistance or you want to order such promotional products, make sure that you give us a call. We have a team of experts which can create pretty much any type of artwork and we are quick in delivering your products too! Especially if your business is recently started and you want to advertise your products and services without spending your entire budget, offering promotional products is the right thing to do.

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Wedding favors these days have basically become the in-thing and a traditional part of a reception experience. Innovative favors such as custom mugs will not only remind the guests on how special the wedding day was and its main partakers, but they will also be useful for many years to come. These sorts of favors make a reception table to be more personalized and thereby making the whole experience something of a kind.

Many modern couples nowadays are opting for custom made wedding gifts and for very good reasons. Firstly, they simply want to deviate from the commonly used chocolates, bells and the other customary wedding favors. Secondly, the majority of the bulk-produced gifts mostly can wind up being quite pricey and ordinary; however, customized gifts add more meaning to a wedding reception, especially if some thought had been given when designing them. Simply put, thoughtful wedding favors make the whole wedding reception to be quite a memorable celebration for all.

What sorts of wedding favors can you settle for?


When it comes to the wanted custom wedding favors , it is good to remember that any chosen custom wedding favor needs to portray the right messages and that have some special meaning to the couple and their guests. For example, most couples share similar interests which are what in the first place permitted them to meet and then make them fall in love with each other. So in this regard, come up with something that basically tells a narrative of how they first met, their favorite activities, first date and so forth.

Here are some unique custom wedding favor ideas that may be opted for.

•    Personalized mugs:  A couple that frequently meet in a favorite coffee-shop can present favors that include personalized mugs, chocolate stirring spoons, bags of favorite coffee or even tea and so forth. Ordinary plain mugs are quite inexpensive when purchased in bulk, however by customizing them innovatively for example by printing things such as wedding dates, the couple initials, pasting a favorite couple’s picture on them and so forth you will have made them dearer to the people who will use them or using them or even presented with them.


•    Unusual wine glass: If the wedding couples are wine aficionados, then they can search antique shops or thrift stores for atypical wine stoppers, glasses and the likes. Have them printed with personalized messages and then used during the wedding reception or to be offered to each of their guests when leaving the wedding venue.

•    Personalized cookie cutters or measuring spoons: These two can be fun customized gift items that can be offered to special guests as they are leaving the wedding reception. You can also give them a much loved family recipe and a personalized spoon attached – the options are innumerable. Simply put, cooks have a wide range of options for custom wedding favors that can be opted for, the choice as to which to opt for however is all theirs!


All in all, whichever custom made wedding favors idea you settle for, be sure to be as innovative and original as possible on the chosen products for the desired effect. For example, if you settle for the mentioned custom mugs, then have them printed with the right messages or pasted with the right pictures as this will remind you and your guests about your special day long after it is gone. This is what every wedding couple really wants, their special wedding day being remembered forever, isn’t it?

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Though not all designers and custom cloth makers are trained in color and spot separation for printing, custom-made t-shirts are quite in high demand nowadays. Nothing however is more exasperating than spending several hours on a tailor-made t-shirt design only to be told by the printer that it simply can’t work for printing. All the same, custom t-shirt designing is a lucrative niche in graphic design arena; nevertheless, there are some few guidelines to follow or tips to keep in mind when designing personalized t-shirts for printing.

1.    The selected font must be readable


The majority of custom-made t-shirts are essentially used to promote a given company’s products and services, events or messages. This being the case, the selected font for your t-shirt design must be clear and readable so as to make sure that your message can get across to the target audience. This nonetheless does not mean that the settled for font needs to be the ordinary or plain type; it is fine to use stylized fonts on your t-shirt design. In simple terms, make sure that the message you are trying to pass to your target consumers is clearly readable for the required overall effect.

While in the designing stage, make sure to covert your text into outlines prior to giving it to the printer so that when the computer finally opens the design file, the text is viewable as an image. This ensures that your original selected font will be used instead of it being substituted by the computer.

2.    Utilize only high quality graphics

Any clip arts, images and the like graphics that are to be used in your design needs to be of high quality so that they don’t appear pixilated or blurred once they are printed on your customized t-shirt. You may want to use vector images here rather than the raster variety to make the color separation work a little bit easier and for the small details to print cleaner. And while at it, remember to have proper copyright permissions to print images you want to use but don’t originate from you.

3.    Actual artwork size needs to be printed on your customized t-shirt


To make sure that you get the best print quality and also be assured that your vision of the final product eventually come to life, your artwork need to be the actual size you want printed.  Remember that the printer’s idea on what you want printed or have in mind may not always be correct, so be safe by coming up with the actual artwork and design size you want printed on your t-shirt. And if you are sure about the best printing size, then go ahead and ask the printer what the standard sizes are. You could also simply hold a ruler to the t-shirt and go from there.

4.    Limit the colors you want to use

More colors in your t-shirt design basically means more printing expenses, making the whole printing affair to be quite expensive. And while at it, you may also want to use a halftone of separate colors if several shades of a particular color are to be used. The most appropriate way to do this is to slide down the color scale to a specific percentage of the used color.

In conclusion, by following the aforementioned designing and printing tips, you will be able to alleviate most of the common problems you are likely to face when creating your personalized t-shirts for whatsoever your purpose.

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When you run a company, there are times when you may be obligated to get something in the form of a gift for one or more of your employees. Classic examples of this include when they are retiring from the firm or when you simply want to show them your gratitude such as at the end of a very successful year. In all such cases, it’s always a good idea to get them a gift that will show them that you actually care for them and that you have their best interests at heart. One of the best ideas for this is getting them some kind of custom mug.

How difficult is it to get one of these?


In the past, getting a custom mug was a difficult affair. The fact that not many companies offered such printing services meant that it was very difficult to get any mug made to your specifications. These days, however, this is not the case. If you buy from PromoPays, for instance, you will find that getting the mug that you need is not very difficult. All you need to do is use our online editing tool and then use it to come up with the design that you want. When you submit it, we will then make the mug you need and then send it to you via mail.

What is the best design to get for an employee?

When you need to design a custom mug that you intend to give to an employee as a gift, what you get basically depends on the kind of impression you need to make. For instance, if you intend to look very conservative, you could simply get a mug that is printed with a conservative message. If you need it to be livelier, you can come up with something funny or witty. Whatever you come up with, you can be sure that we will be able to implement it.

What if I don’t have design ideas?


One of the problems that many people face when they are thinking of getting custom mugs is not having design ideas they can use. There are several ways round this. For one, you could visit the PromoPays site and then use some of the ideas that you find there. You can modify them as you need to in order to fit your needs; we don’t mind this. Alternatively, you could simply go online and find some ideas for a custom mug. When you find one that you like, you can use our online design tool to design it and we will then print it.

What if I’m not happy with the result?

It is very rare that clients order mugs and then find that they are not exactly what they had ordered. However, in the unlikely event that this happens to you, you only need to contact us and we will find a way to help you out.

As you can see, getting a custom made mug for your employees is a great gift idea that is worth considering. It’s very cheap and sends a very thoughtful message to the person you are giving it to.

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Getting the right kind of gift for a loved one for Christmas is not something that should be taken lightly. There are many issues that one may need to keep in mind in order to get this right. There are many times when people spend money on gifts and then find that the gifts they get don’t make their recipients very happy. This is something that can be corrected by making sure that you pay more attention to detail when you are making such purchases. For instance, there are a few items from PromoPays that are very good gift ideas for anyone in your life depending on their kind of personality. Some of these include:

A tote bag


These days, everyone has a laptop or tablet that they carry around for business or pleasure. If you have this kind of person in your life, you could decide to get them a gift that enables them to carry them around with greater ease. This not only reduces the chances of these items getting damaged while in transit, but it also reduces the risk of any theft since the bags keep the electronics well hidden. At PromoPays, we have all sorts of tote bags that can be used for this kind of thing. You could even order one that is custom made to your specifications to ensure that they are more special for the person getting them.

Graphic tee shirts

One thing that everyone would love is a graphic t shirt that they can wear when they need to express their individuality or when they simply want to be casual. At PromoPays, we offer a wide range of products of this kind, and you can easily find one that meet your needs perfectly. All you need to do is figure out what kind of personality the person you want to give it to has, and then ensure that you find a t shirt that will match this personality. The one thing that you can be guaranteed about is that all our t shirts are made from the finest materials, so this is not an issue you need to worry about.

A custom made mug


One kind of gift that is likely to put a smile on the face of the person you give it to is a custom made mug. To find one, you can go through our inventory to find funny and thought provoking ones that you can then buy. If you are interested in making it custom made, you can easily do so using out online interface, which gets rid of the hassle associated with this kind of thing. We provide a very easy to use tool to do this online, so all you have to do is design one and then wait for it to be delivered to you. The best thing is that our mugs are very cheap despite being of high quality.

A custom made cinch bag

If the kind of person you are thinking of giving a gift to is a fitness buff, you can also get them one of our high quality cinch bags that they can use to carry around items such as gym clothes. Our bags are stylish and practical, making them the ideal item to use in such an environment.