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People love to show everyone their support for the things they love by wearing printed tees, sweatshirts, and other apparel. Apparel is available with everything from funny sayings to characters in movies, comic book heros, pop culture icons, and music stars. You can proudly display your own personal style with PromoPays comic shirts, jackets, sweaters, hoodies, and more.

PromoPays prints awesome shirts in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colors. All licensed merchandise features authentic logos and graphics in eye-popping colors. Popular comic book designs include Superman, Batman, and all the Marvel superheroes. Apparel options include short-sleeve tees, three-quarter sleeve tees, hoodies, and face hoodies.

If you love movies, you will want to browse through the vast selection of PromoPays movie shirts. Whether you are a fan of science fiction, Disney tales, comedies, or mob movies, you are sure to find something that suits your personal style. The company’s website offers multiple Star Wars designs featuring Chewbacca, Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and all your favorite characters. Comedy movie options include designs with characters from the Big Lebowski, the Hangover, and Ghostbusters.

PromoPays Star Trek shirts for sale are perfect for any loyal Trekkie. Choose from apparel with designs featuring the Starship Enterprise or Spock. The company also offers a tank top displaying the words Live Long and Prosper on a handprint depicting Spock’s famous hand gesture.

All designs are printed on high quality apparel in men’s and women’s sizes small to 2XL. Selected designs are available on jackets, tank tops, and sweaters. The company will ship your merchandise to you promptly upon receipt of your online order. Spend $50 or more and your shipping is free to any location in Canada. You cannot go wrong when you purchase PromoPays movie tees, comic tees, 80s tees, and other stylish apparel.



Advertising is important to any business or any entity that is trying to sell anything. If you look at the business world today, you will find that most businesses are involved in a cutthroat competition with similar businesses.

Every business tries to win the masses by marketing themselves with banners, posters, flyers, business cards, billboards and many other mediums. However, custom promotional t-shirts have withstood the test of time.

T-shirts will always be a good fashion choice since they never run out of season. All that changes is the printing nd the material but the concept remains the same. This is why it is always a safe bet to do promotional marketing with custom t-shirts. You will always have people ready to wear them. You also have an added advantage since they can be for any age size and for both men and women.

What is the good thing about advertising with t-shirts?

• It is cheap

Printing t-shirts in bulk is a cheap venture compared to other modes of marketing. It creates a long lasting marketing item that can be used numerous times. It requires minimal energy and capital to create a long lasting marketing impact.

• You communicate to a broad target

Wearing a catchy custom t-shirt reaches out to many people at the same time. Other marketing concepts such as business cards, flyers, leaflets and posters cover a small radius at one given time. When a person wears a t-shirt, they can reach out to more people from different places. You can even be available for consultation rom interested people, which would not be the case if you just dump flyers in one location.

• It is a good promotional giveaway

People appreciate promotional giveaways that they can use constantly. A t-shirt is good since apart from the promotion, it is an actual fashion statement. You can easily connect with your target clients by giving them free t-shirts since everybody loves free items anyway.

• Their effect lasts longer

Custom-made t-shirts are an easy way of reminding people that you exist. You can use them to stand out in business conferences of any other public gatherings. It is a good way to network with potential and current clients. People are always ready to wear a good t-shirt especially if it has a catchy message on it.

You should put a catchy message on the t-shirt so that it can prompt an interaction from the people who see it. People wear t-shirts for a relatively long time before they are old and rugged, hence you will have communicated your message for a good amount of time.

• You can enjoy economies of scale

The cost of production for any promotional item should be cheap so that you are able to save on marketing costs. In the current economy, the cost of production on most items has gone up. You realize that marketers are opting to produce cheap and obsolete products so that they can minimize the costs. However, printing t-shirts in bulk is cheaper than printing in singles.

Therefore, you realize that the more you print the cheaper the venture becomes. You can have a chance to produce good quality t-shirts for less and this is good for marketing.



Most people think that the T-shirt printing business is a walk in the park, and they think to themselves that if everything goes wrong, whether in their place of work or in their business, they can always start a business of printing T-shirts. Well, such people could not be further from the truth, because producing custom T-shirts is not as easy as it might sound, a lot has to go into the process.

The expertise and knowledge that established custom printers such as Promopays Inc. has is important in shedding light into what actually happens behind the scenes, before people adorn themselves with custom garments. Before you trust anyone to do your custom T-shirts, see how well they answer the following questions:

1. Are you doing your homework?

Producing custom items require a lot of research, just like any other business. Although in most cases clients will come with a preferred design, a printer will have to make a name for him or herself before getting any serious clients. Ask yourself if the printers are moving with the times, and producing printed items that are of good quality and those that stand out in a crowd. Their previous work will definitely tell whether they do their market research or not, and you have no business giving business to people who have been left in the dark ages.

2. How are you actually doing the printing?

With the advancement in technology, there are many ways that printing businesses use to come up with their final products. The interesting thing is that every printing process has its ups and downs, and the quality of the product is what will eventually tell the one that you should go for. The best printers out there will offer their clients the option of choosing which method of printing they prefer, but what will stand out here is that they will have the latest equipment to handle the task. The means that they use to get to the end product is at times more important than the result, because there is no need in having an attractive custom T-shirt that will not last 3 washes.

3. Are you creative?

Something about an artist is that he or she ought to be creative, since that is what sets them apart from the wannabes. Critically examine the work that your potential custom T-shirt designer has done in the past, and see whether he or she is responsible for making people become popular because of their outside the box T-shirt designs, or if he or she makes boring designs. In this line of business, creativity is key and the most creative and attractive designs do not spend time on the shelf, most of their life is spent on people’s backs.

4. Are you offering the best price?

Although the amount of money that an individual has to pay for a product is not the only thing that matters, the price plays a very big role in making the final purchase decision as well as revealing some secrets. If you discover that you have to pay twice as much as what other designers and printers are offering to charge you, then you need to reconsider. Furthermore, if the price is too low, then probably there is an issue with the material or the design and colour is low quality and might probably fade in no time.


Not that hard actually. In fact, it is a child’s play and it is also a very fun and exciting activity. Basically, you get the chance to design your own custom t shirt and make it exactly as you want it to be. These days, you can do this online and it won’t take a lot of time. If you are curious about how this works then continue to read this article. You will find out 5 easy steps which you should follow in order to get the desired and fully personalized t shirt!


1. Pick your preferred style.
First of all, you need to select the right type of t shirt based on your gender and age. You can find t shirts for men, women, kids and even pregnant women as well. Afterwards, you will need to select the desired t shirt model. For example, a great t shirt model for men has a v-neck feature and it might or might not include chest pockets, depending on your preference. Both men and women categories include a variety of t shirts to choose from so don’t worry about this.

2. Pick the size of the t shirt. The next step is to select the right size for your t shirt, from S to XXL or even larger if it is necessary. If you send a custom t shirt as a gift, make sure that you know the size of your friend before sending the t shirt, so that he or she can easily wear it afterwards.

3. Choose the color. This is extremely easy. In most cases, you can find custom t shirts in black or white but you can also choose any color you want. In some cases, you can even opt for a two-tone design as well. Still, make sure that the background color of your custom t shirt goes well with the artwork or text you want to apply on it.

4. Choose your preferred logo. Speaking of artwork, now it is the right time to actually personalize your t shirt. You can upload your own picture, design or artwork and it will be imprinted on the custom t shirt. Make sure that you resize it accordingly, so that your artwork can be easily noticed and fully visible. You can also select from predefined or popular artworks as well, when you are designing your custom t shirt.

5. Add text. If you want, you can also add a piece of text to your t shirt in order to make it more eye-catchy. Some custom t shirts don’t even feature a logo or picture, just plain text and they are very attractive. You have a choice of fonts and colors for your text as well.

These are the basics when it comes to designing custom t shirts and as you can see, there is nothing to be afraid of. If you can’t wait to start creating your custom t shirt then visit our website and enter the Design Studio. In no time, you can craft the t shirt you have always wanted and we will deliver it to you in a timely fashion!


Although you can easily and clearly state your preferences, ideas and opinions about any subject by talking, there are also other ways you can express yourself such as custom t shirts. Basically, these t shirts are just like any other type of t shirts, but they carry a message, they help you stand out from the crowd and, why not, they make you unique!
T-Shirt Template (front) copy_consume
The good news is that these t shirts can be fully customized in any way, shape or form possible. You can customize them! Read this article and discover a few interesting and inspiring suggestions.

1. Share your love towards pizza and burgers. For a great start, why not customizing these t shirts to showcase your weaknesses when it comes to pizza, burgers, hot dogs or any other foods you love? Also, you can wear a t shirt with the logo of your preferred beverage, so that your friends will always know what treat you love the most. Your custom t shirt can include both text and images, according to your preferences.

2. Bazinga! If you watch the comedy series Big Bang Theory then you know what this is about. Wouldn’t be nice to have a picture of your favorite character from this comedy series on your custom t shirt? Not only that your friends will be impressed and they will admire your t shirt but they might also want one too! Also, if you meet new persons at parties wearing such a t shirt then you can consider it as an ice breaker. If others love Big Bang Theory too then you will have lots to talk about.

3. Share your musical preferences. In a similar fashion, with custom t shirts you can also show what genres of music you like the most. Again, this can improve your social relationships and most of all, it will make you feel really special. You are basically surrounding yourself with the things you love the most and this will make your life better. You can choose from Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, Armin van Buuren and so on.

4. Opt for witty thoughts which can improve the atmosphere. Custom t shirts can also feature only clever pieces of texts, without any picture. These texts can be short jokes, puns and similar things. For example, you can write something like: “I may be wrong but I doubt it” or “One of these days I’ll deal with my procrastination problem” and so on. You can pick your favorite text from the internet or come up with your own.

Actually, it is a very good idea to do some research on the internet first and see more great examples of custom t shirts. Again, you can fully customize your t shirt in order to be really unique. If you already have a nice idea in mind then don’t hesitate to contact our company today. We craft custom t shirts at an affordable price and you can also choose among various t shirt styles, colors and different designs, texts, logos and pictures as well.



Are you thinking of purchasing a t-shirt? It might be that you really need a new one. Why not consider going for a character shirt? Do not just pick any character shirt. Pick a Batman t-shirt! There are so many good reasons why you should get a Batman shirt. Here are some examples:

Batman is one of the best superheroes

It is undeniable that Batman is one of the best, if not the best, superheroes out there. Yes, he does not have super strength or the capability to communicate to animals. He might not have any special powers. However, that is what makes a lot of people relate to him easily. He has the best gadgets and vehicles. He is also very smart and is considered to be the greatest detective in the Marvel world. Who would not want to have a shirt depicting this hero in their shirt?

The Batman logo is really awesome

Most Batman shirts are very simple. Most do not even feature the actual character but feature the logo instead. The Batman logo is very awesome no matter how one modifies it. There have been so many Batman logos through the years and that is why one has the choice on which Batman logo he would want to appear on his shirt. Simply wearing a shirt with a Batman logo will make a man look very bad-ass.

Batman shirts are available in awesome colors

One good thing about Batman shirts is that they are available in the colors grey and black. These are very awesome colors. First, grey is a classic color and it is a lot more formal than other colors out there. It is perfect for people with various skin complexions. Of course, black is an all time favorite. Not only is black a striking color but it can also help the t-shirt wearer appear slimmer than he is.

Batman has the most interesting villains

Another reason why you should get a Batman shirt is that Batman has the most interesting villains and these villains are also featured in Batman shirts. There is the ever-popular Joker which is Batman’s arch nemesis. Joker probably became more popular after Heath Ledger’s epic portrayal in the second movie of The Dark Knight series with Christian Bale.

Batman shirts are worth-keeping

Batman shirts are worth-keeping. Why? This is because Batman is a superhero that people will love through the ages. Batman has already been around for years. But did his popularity go down? No! In fact, he became more popular with all these movies and TV series. Thus, if you get a Batman shirt, there is that guarantee that it will not go out of style. So long as you take care of it well, you would be able to enjoy it for years to come and you do not have to worry about it being outdated.

Are you interested in getting a new Batman shirt? You can get it from Promopays Inc. We specialize in customized shirts and we are sure that you would love our awesome Batman shirts.


Game of Thrones is one of the most popular hit TV series these days. The series is based on a book written by George R. R. Martin and fans are already awaiting the fourth season. What made the series very popular is that it is very original.

The TV series is so popular that fans are going crazy of GoT merchandise. Of course, the most popular ones are the cool GoT shirts. Shirts feature at least one of the major houses or families from the series. If you are planning to purchase a shirt, you might find yourself choosing between the major houses Stark, Baratheon, Lannister, and Targaryen.

House Stark


House Stark rules the North and its seat can be found at Winterfell. Other names that refer to this house include Wardens of the North, the Kings of the North, and Lords of Winterfell. Its sigil is a dire wolf on a grey field. Thus, t-shirt colors available for stark include grey, white, as well as black. The motto of House Stark is the ever famous “Winter is coming.” Being the first house featured in the TV series, most fans consider themselves as loyal Stark fans. Are you a fan of Eddard, Robb, Arya, and other Starks? Get a stark shirt.

House Lannister

The Lannisters comprise one of the major houses of Westeros. It is a very wealthy family. That is why they have been acquainted with the sayin, “A Lannister always pays his debts.” The Lannisters do not forget to thank who needs to be thanked and punish who needs to be punished. The sigil of this house is a golden lion on a crimson field. Those who love red shirts would definitely look great in a Lannister shirt. Some of the members of this house include Cersei, Jamie, and the ever-popular Tyrion. It is probably because of Tyrion why a lot of fans love House Lannister.

House Baratheon

House Baratheon is also one of the major houses in Westeros and is considered to be the royal house. However, after the death of King Robert Baratheon, the house was divided into three factions, each having their own sigil. House Baratheon shirts usually feature the colors, golden yellow, black, and sometimes, red, and grey. Its emblem, as depicted in the TV series, is a very awesome-looking black stag and this is what a lot of people love to sport in their shirt.

House Targaryen

House Targaryen used to be the ruling house before House Baratheon came into power. But it has been set in the sidelines after the rebellion of Robert Baratheon. The Targaryen family was almost annihilated but Daenerys survived and she built her own army planning to take what she believe was rightfully hers. Dragon fans love House Targaryen because the a red dragon on a black field is the house’s sigil. Thus, those who love to rock in red and black shirts would look good in a Targaryen shirt.

Interested in getting your own Game of Thrones shirt? Order from Promo Pays Inc, your Canadian leader for customized shirts and other customized items!

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Since time in memorial, clothing has always been a necessary item. We wear T-shirts to be comfortable and casual, but do you know they can be more than just clothing? Everyone you will encounter will see the kind of clothing you are wearing that day and this is a great way to flaunt your personal style, show the public what your favorite hobbies are and advertise something, be it a product, service or company. Below are the main reasons for creating custom T-shirts:



It is a great way to advertise your company especially when you get your business logo and brand name imprinted on the T-shirt. Just remember to include your company’s website because you are likely to get visitors who are interested in what you offer, while others want to check what you have to offer them. You never know; any visitor could have the potential to provide you with money.


Sometimes, it can be difficult choosing something to gift your family. If you are looking for a unique gift, just create custom T-shirts for everyone in your home. And you can add a picture of the newly born to give your grandparents a chance to show off their lovely grandchildren wherever they go. Some T-shirt printing companies can also allow you to create items that are non-clothing related like tote bags, mugs and umbrellas. Whenever you give personalized gifts, it shows that you took your time and put extra effort and attention into your gift giving.


When you are putting together a team for a reason, ensure that you show off what is important to you and your pride by designing your own T-shirt. Just have your team members wearing the same style and color of T-shirt; it will definitely bring attention to your cause. Someone who sees your teamwork may express interest in your cause.


Since you have freedom of expression, why not use it to show people what it is that you are angry or passionate about? Think of creating funny T-shirts that explain how your team feels about being too serious in life for instance. When people see this, they will be reminded about taking time to relax and enjoy life.

Family reunions

While some families are a small, tightly knit group, others grow by leaps and bounds. It does not matter whether yours is a small or large family; just consider fetching everyone a custom T-shirt to wear. Most families enjoy spending time together at places like amusement parks, so having a custom T-shirt can help everyone to keep track of their family members.

The reasons to create a custom T-shirt are as many as the creations you formulate. If you have some personal enthusiasm, why not express it by creating a custom T-shirt of your own? PromoPays is the leading company in creating custom made items like tote bags, custom photo mugs and custom T-shirts among others. Our team of experts is creative and can create whatever designs you can imagine of. If you are looking to give a gift or have something of your own that can express your personal style, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to work with you!

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For most of us, when we think of custom printed or photo mugs we probably think of drinking, tea, coffee or some other hot beverage out of a unique and attractive mug. That is right, but do you know there are plenty of other uses for the custom mugs within your home? It never hurts to have a custom photo mug readily available for drinking coffee, but you can also do something a bit different and use it for other reasons besides drinking. Use your custom mugs to decorate your home as described below:

Display your custom mugs in a cabinet


It is a fact that mugs are not the most stylish type of drink ware available, but if they are decorated properly, printed coffee mugs can fit perfectly into your cabinet. To perfectly showcase your custom mugs, ensure that they are of different pictures, designs, colors and etchings. You also want to tie your custom printed mugs into your kitchen perfectly, so ensure they match the kitchen theme.

Spice up those boring shelves

Custom photo mugs that come in bright eye catching colors can add a perfect burst of color to any of your rooms. However, they should fit within your space and should be designed in a way that they spice up your shelves and bring a sense of life.

Make them into flower pots

It is not a must for you to have plants in pots or vases throughout your house; think of replanting some of the potted plants in a custom photo mug to add a little touch to boring flowers or plants. They can fit well into any sunroom or kitchen and that is the best part about custom mugs.

Add custom photo mugs to a living room to show off your family

A good thing about printed or photo mug companies is that they allow you to put virtually everything and anything on the mugs. You love your family, so think of having family pictures printed on your coffee mugs and place them within your living room, kitchen or any room that is used throughout the year for display.

Custom mugs can be used for anything to create perfect accents in your home. And you can have anything printed on them; all you need is to be creative when choosing texts or pictures to be painted or printed on them.

If you are looking to have a variety of affordable yet stylish custom photo mugs, think of a company that knows how to go about it in a unique and stunning way. At PromoPays, we do in house print production of custom mugs and tote bags, so we do not involve a middleman. We offer faster turn around times when printing custom photo mugs and the best part is that they are unique, of quality and quite affordable. If you are looking for custom photo mugs to gift someone or have them decorate your home, do not hesitate to contact us at any time of the day.

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These days, most forward moving businesses own one sort of a website or another. And since all things today are computer based, nobody wants to be left behind on the on-to-go lifestyle that denotes the nowadays way of living. As more and more businesses are joining the bandwagon that is online way of doing business, competition for the available customers has grown significantly. This simply implies that all businesses have to put more focus on product and service promoting and advertising endeavors.


Should a web-based business solely depend on online form of promoting its activities or products?

Although businesses today are moving into ecommerce, it doesn’t mean that all of its promotion activities for its activities, service and products should be done solely online. As a matter of fact, it is advisable to promote your web-based business, its activities, products and services just like you would do for a normal brick and mortar business. Fortunately, there are no set ways to promote a business and its activities. This is why you will find some people using verbal or written marketing campaigns and others relying on physical promotional items to make known their business activities, products and services to the target audience. In this regard, a great, practical and extra appealing promotional item and that can work great for any business type, online or offline is customized ceramic travel mugs. These one of a kind promotional items are an excellent way to gain new customers and the much needed visibility.

The most timeless classic promotional item in use today

Customized ceramic travel mugs are timeless classic promotional products and that can offer your business instant visibility, particularly when properly designed and utilized. They will help your business fast get a wider paying customer base, something that all business owners wish to have one way or another. And because it is so hard to get your business entity noticed by the use of one magazine, media ad, billboard and the likes, choose to personalize yours by having its names, products, logo and so forth printed various items and then conveniently, get them to your target audience or market. This way, everyone will get to see them and know what you are all about.

This form of marketing amazingly opens lots of doors, even the old ones as well as some new ones. These conveniently and inexpensively enable you to capture new customers and keep the old ones as well. Customizable ceramic travel mugs are items that people could use on a daily basis, meaning that they can help get your company, its products, services and activities quickly noticed by all.

Who should the customizable promotional mugs be given to?

You could start by offering custom printed mugs to your customers, both old and new when they make online purchases or even make an order or a combination of both. Similar to brick and mortar businesses, the majority of web-based companies offer free gifts to their customers when they spend a certain amount of money or have made a specific number of orders from them. By so doing, customers feel appreciated for their purchases and thus will continue doing business with you as opposed to choosing products and services from your competitors.

When all’s said and done, your promotional mugs should clearly show your company’s logo, name, contact details and other vital information that is useful in regard to attracting new and old customers to your business.