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For example if they are known for being very self-involved then something like ‘Mr Vein’ could be a great way to make them laugh. Similarly injecting their name into a popular t-shirt or joke to personalise it can be a great way to get a cheap laugh and to ensure that their t-shirt is completely unique.

Alternatively it’s also possible to use personlized t-shirts to create gifts that people would actually want (if you’re the rare kind of friend who’d rather not embarrass the recipient). Here you can use one of their favourite images or pictures to create a cool personalized t-shirt especially for them that just wouldn’t exist in shops. It can also be used to romantic or sweet effect if you somehow create matching t-shirts which can be a great humorous and/or thoughtful gift for anyone couple or good friends.

Either way personalized gifts are bound to show both thought and effort has gone into the selection, be completely unique, and make a great conversation point for the wearer in future.

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