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Becoming a good host is not easy. Many people succeed in holding a party, but they do not succeed in arranging things for the party like party supplies. Making a party is not only about how to make the guests enjoy the music, but it is all about the most important four things: venue, guests, food, and activities.

Those four factors depend on each other. When one factor fails, the others will fail, too. Unluckily, sometimes people only remember the bad side of a thing, not the good ones. So, once your party fails, people will remember it forever, and they will doubt to come to the next parties you hold.

To avoid “accidents” on your party, plan any single thing carefully. Read some information below before you start writing to do lists!


The Guest Selection

If you are going to hold a party for adults, do not invite children! You also should not invite the singles or they will look irritating as the party goes!

Invite fun couples that can cheer up your party. You will not hold a silent party, right? Ask them to game for fun on the stage or compete for the titles. It will attract other guests and you will be surprised seeing all guests are involved!


The Venue Decoration

Know the venue well! It is not only related to how many guests you will invite, but also to how comfortable your guests will be. You can decorate the venue with candles, balloons, banners, and hearts. You also need to dim the room lights to apply candles.

To be more romantic, give vanilla aroma and select slow romantic music. Diane Ross and Lionel Richie are good suggestions.


The Food and Drink

If you are going to hold an exclusive party, buffet is ideal for this kind of party. Prepare champagne, caviar, asparagus, truffles, avocados, oysters, radishes, honey, strawberry, chocolate, figs, pine nuts, etc. For instance, match the food and drink with the party theme! You can serve heart shaped cookies and cakes, or drinks labeled with romantic names such as Lovely Red Punch and Marry Me Cocktail.

The most important tip is set the food and drink in informal way, because people need to socialize!


The Activities

Create fun games because people come to party for having fun! You can arrange couple games such as asking the man and woman answer five questions spontaneously. If they have the same answers, they can move closer to each other.

You can also make a game in which the woman becomes a mirror for the man, so she must imitate every single movement the man make. Turn on the music for the background of the game.

Put more fun into your activities by using party supplies such as glow products like Glow bracelets, or glow sticks.

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