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Corporate Gifting Idea – A Beautiful Holiday Package

Star employees need recognition and rewards for their hard work and efforts. These high performers need to be constantly motivated to keep getting more business for the company. Companies give them their dues in various forms – stock options, cash, shopping or dining vouchers, recognition through awards and so on. All these are considered to be the standard options which most companies use. However, a new corporate gifting trend is now on the way. Gifting complete holiday packages to employees.

Companies today are moving away from the traditional gifting ideas and bringing in the new trends.  Gifting a complete holiday package is a great way to reward company personnel for their contribution. Gifting an all expense paid trip for an employee and his family can be a company’s way of extending the reward and recognition to the family too. This not only creates a lot of goodwill for the company but also drives the employee further to reach the highest levels of Excellency at his job.

Holiday packages are a good idea to gift to an employee and his family or also to high performing teams in the company as a bonus. These packages can be tailored to the needs of the person or team being gifted. For example if the reward is for a team the package can be an all expense paid adventure trip with a lot of team building and leadership exercises thrown in. An outdoor environment will rejuvenate the team after a tough assignment and at the same time hone their skills for the next one. Similarly a family tailored package will give an individual quality time with his loved ones, if he has been putting in a lot of late hours to get a project through.

Corporate holiday packages can range from a period of 2- 3 days or up to a week. Even more days, if the company needs to give a stressed out performer a long break.  The destinations can vary from close by adventure places, theme resorts or out of station experiences, if the city does not have a lot to offer. A foreign destination can also be an option, if the company’s budget permits it.  If the employee is single gifting a spa getaway can be a fabulous idea.

Corporate holiday packages need not always be for end of the year employee performance. They can also be given for a variety of reasons. For example, a holiday package for the employee who has put in the most number of years at the company. The gift should be given in the presence of peers, superiors and subordinates, to make the employee feel special. The holiday can also be given by a company to help promote a certain culture. For example if the company wants to achieve 100% quality from a team working at the client site, it can announce an attractive holiday destination which will be gifted on achieving the target.

However companies should keep in mind that whatever the holiday destination offered, it should be carefully worked out to achieve a positive impact on the employee. The employee should come back happy, rejuvenated and ready to take on assignments with a greater enthusiasm.

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