Are you interested in having the process of embroidery used to create custom sport shirts? If this is the case PromoPays has got you covered. They’re Canada’s number one source when it comes to the use of creative embroidery to create custom sport shirts and other custom apparel. Additionally PromoPays can also create other custom items such as pens, USB drives, coffee cups, tote bags and much more.

They understand the marketing and branding mentality behind this and can help you out whether you’re a school, corporation or other form of business seeking to expand your influence through process of branding and marketing. Also don’t be afraid to order in bulk, you can get free price quote on their site and they will respond to you within 24 hours on the next business day.


Embroidery is a skill that has been long valued for creating eye-catching designs and lettering on a variety of apparel. The graphics design team at PromoPays is incredibly talented and uses their immense graphics design skills to take embroidery to the next level and make truly spectacular products.

Custom Sport Shirts

If you’ve ever played sports you probably understand the importance of team solidarity. This is where custom sport shirts come in, every team needs a uniform and PromoPays will make sure that you’re wearing a uniform that every player can be proud of.

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