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If this is the case then you can make use of them in a different way. For example, buy wholesale t-shirts and then place them on your website and you give visitors the option to show their support for your business by purchasing them. At the same time if they purchase these wholesale¬† t-shirts and other custom clothing they can almost give a ‘donation’ to your site by spending money that will go to you. Friends, family, and business partners will all likely show their support by buying your wholesale t-shirts off of you and this will provide another revenue stream for you fledgling business at the same time as getting you all the free publicity and marketing you could need.

Finally you can also shift your promotional merchandise in other ways – for example by giving them away free with your products or services in order to offer an incentive for people to use your business while at the same time getting more free publicity from them. Alternatively you can give them away as a part of a special deal – or something that’s very useful for a new business, as an incentive to sign up to a newsletter and this way give you a contacts list that will enable you to start reaching out to potential customers and clients.

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