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This wouldn’t work in theĀ  same way for a large business, and though promotional products are also highly useful for established companies, their status is likely to mean that people don’t get behind them in quite the same way – people support the underdog and you can make the most of the excitement and buzz that tends to circulate around anything that’s new and different.

Another great thing about this though is of course the fact that in spreading your promotional t-shirts and other items (other things you can choose include hats and bags etc) you will be able to get free promotion and marketing from those people. By wearing your promotional merchandise and custom clothing, they will literally walking around with an advert for your business across their chest and this is invaluable publicity – especially if they then go on to wear these outside of the event. For a small business that’s just starting up and possibly can’t afford the more expensive forms of advertising and marketing – such as television advertising or radio – this is a fantastic way to get your name out there and in a very organic and natural way.

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