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The best way to have customers coming back to your shop after their first visit is to have them leave with something to remind them of you. This is one of the cleverest forms of advertising, and also the most popular one. A simpler way to execute it is to just hand out flyers to people as they’re leaving – but you can do so much more if you put your mind to it!

Promotional tote bags are one of the best ways to help spread the word about your business to people who’re visiting your shop. This is especially valid if you’re actually selling products and not services – you can easily have people pack their stuff in one of those bags as they’re leaving, and they’ll be presented with a reminder of your store as soon as they come home and start unpacking.

The best part about promotional tote bags though, is that this person would be basically a walking banner for your store as long as they have that bag on them – which is surely a great way to attract even more people to the store. Be creative with what you’re putting on the bag and you’ll have a winner!

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