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Promotional tote bags make a great and unique way to promote your business. Tote bags are practical and simple, and a design printed onto the bag can look eye catching and unique. The practicality of tote bags means that people are likely to use them, meaning that your business information will be displayed to the world as they do. Promotional tote bags are simple in design, meaning that it is straightforward to come up with a print to include on them.
Choose a colour of bag which you feel sums up your business. This could be colours from your logo or business name text. Alternatively it could be a good idea to manufacture a range of coloured tote bags and offer a choice. This means that there is always a colour to suit everyone.
As with all custom products, it is important to keep the design simple yet effective. Tote bags are not as large as t-shirt or hoodies, meaning that any design should be simple, bold and clear. It is important to display your business name, slogan and the purpose of your business, i.e. what it is that you do and that you can offer anyone admiring your bag.

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