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Also make sure that you include your contact details, such as your address, telephone numbers and your website address. This will give people a chance to see how they can access your business and take a further look at what you can offer them. Keep the text bold, concise and easy to understand.

It is possible to include designs on your tote bag. This could be your company logo, or it could be an image which you feel sums up the service that you offer. Again, keep this simple and easy to quickly see with a glance. It is worth spending some time considering how to make your promotional tote bag as eye catching as it can be. This could be through simple bold and colourful text. It could be through a simple picture or phrase. Alternatively, it could be through linking your business back to the purpose of the bag. For example, many people use tote bags to carry shopping in, therefore it could be worth referring to any links your business has with shopping. Taking the time to make your bag unique will help to make your business memorable.

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