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The iconic Louis Vuitton Speedy is easily recognizable and widely adored. As one of the most well-known handbags, the Speedy is reinterpreted season after season in a variety of renditions by Marc Jacobs and his accessories team. I always look forward to what they will come up with, and while some versions aren’t my taste, I always find at least a couple that are.

This season I’ve been eying the Louis Vuitton Leopard Speedy, a bag that packs an animalistic touch on a shape I already love. Truth be told, I love leopard print bags in general; they add the perfect va-va-voom to an outfit, and I prefer my animal prints to be on my accessories. Because this is a Speedy, the bag has all the requisite Speedy touches like calfskin trim and aged silver hardware. The difference is the Stephen Sprouse leopard pattern on velvety jacquard textile, which really brings the bag to life.

Blair Waldorf steps out in the streets of New York carrying this Louis Vuitton Les Extraordinaires Monogram Guipure Satchel which has this lace over dutchess satin and alligator trimmings on the flap and handles.Imported16.5″W x 11″H x 4″D8.5″ drop.You can get this via Bloomingdales.We picked right back up in Aspen, where Marysol had hauled out her biggest fur coat to get her hair, nails and makeup done for the big day.Up for grabs is a Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30 which is filled with makeup hand-picked by the Fowler sisters.

And the color choices for this collection also fits my taste, which is why I think this is one of better collections Louis Vuitton has come out with.Kate Spade Daycation Bon Tote, $145 via NordstromRed and ivory tiger print.I especially like her Louis Vuitton look, mostly because the bag is available by special order only and I feel a tinge of envy over an object that a large-headed-blue-creature has.

The striking capture shows Jolie sitting in a traditional wooden boat in the province of Siem Reap, alongside her vintage Louis Vuitton Monogram Alto Holdall, a bag she has owned for many years.Leticia Guerra showcased her Louis Vuitton Vernis bag along with a butterfly patterned top, which was the perfect combination.

You could see lots of “vintage” handbags that carry brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Coach and they are mass-produced.Amanda previously covered this bag and it received mixed reviews.It was hard to pick our favorite photo, and here are our three runners up:1) Mrs Rance – We think the Louis Vuitton Mini Speedy is adorable, but it is even more adorable being held by Mrs.

Handbags have a long history as dedicated food-movers – remember, the Louis Vuitton Noe famously started out its life as a vessel for bottles of champagne.For one metro-Atlanta woman, though, even the ritziest of bags could be had for the value of what she found floating around inside of her purse: A winning lottery ticket.The internet is especially full of counterfeit bags and Louis Vuitton, Coach, Gucci, Hermes and Burberry are just five of the most copied designer bag labels.

Leticia Guerra showcased her Louis Vuitton Vernis bag along with a butterfly patterned top, which was the perfect combination.Louis Vuitton has been awarded CAN$1.4Million, while Burberry will be collecting CAN$1.1Million after it was proven by the Calgary court in Canada that counterfeiting companies have been sell fake designer goods on the labels.Which of these color blocked bags do you love from Louis Vuitton.

I love Louis Vuitton and I love the Speedy, but I just wish this bag had an optional shoulder strap – then I would really consider hunting it down. The Speedy is meant to be handheld, and while that works for some situations, it’s typically more of a nuisance than not. Shoulder straps always make a bag easier to carry, and when the Speedy has that added benefit, it’s a bag I fall head over heels for. This version costs $2,760 via Louis Vuitton.

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