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Almost everyone usually already understands the origin of Ray Ban Aviators; the label itself symbolizes how it was originally produced for a US naval official who took part in an aerial trip and damaged his eyes, that is why his request to Bausch and Lomb that defensive eyeglasses be produced for such an eye damaging military obligation. With its protective feature US military groups have been utilizing it since the 1930s. During World War II, General Douglas MacArthur and his men came back to the Philippines using Ray Ban Aviators – which is certainly why every World War II motion picture with American military in it has these iconic preventive eyeglasses.

Go forward to the early eighties, cult classic Top Gun with Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer not only focused emphasis to Ray Ban Aviators as essential eye accessories for fighter aircraft pilots but the appearance of Maverick (Cruise’s character) in a leather coat and bluejeans, sporting these sunglasses while cruising down a highway on a motor cycle changed these spectacles beyond merely being defense from the tough and destructive sunlight. These spectacles have become style must-haves for young males and females worldwide.

During the nineties when big sunglasses were replaced by stylish glasses that are more toned and narrow, Aviators still remained in demand with regard to their impressive vintage sense, which was one of the key elements of the grunge period. In London, street fashion all through the 90’s was prompted by UK rock bands like Blur, Oasis and pop groups like Take That, Spice Girls and All Saints. It was all about experimentation and combining new and old to develop the precise look — Ray Ban Aviators easily established its spot both in the grunge and Brit Pop scene.

When extra-large shades made a total return early in the new millennium and became celebrities’ “must-wear” to protect themselves from the extreme flashes of paparazzi’s digital cameras, again Ray Ban Aviators stepped up to meet the demand. The huge improved lenses that the style comes with are ideal for safeguarding the eyes not simply from camera flashes but also from the worsening depth of the glare of the sun. Ray Ban’s lenses (be they tinted, prescription reading, multi-focals or varifocals) have UV defense that make sure eye glasses stop 100% of both equally UVA and UVB rays. The support frames on the other hand, are lightweight and designed of the premium quality, hypoallergenic metal for spectacles.

These days, people choose this style because it frames the face comfortably; it’s robust and has proven itself as a style that can last through generations – the price is quite affordable as well, especially in comparison to other designer eye glasses in the market. So those who want something which will be fashionably pertinent a long time will definitely never go wrong investing in a pair of Ray Ban Aviators.

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