Handmade beaded barrettes are gorgeous and a must for every woman and teenage girl to look her absolute best. Is her hair is short, a cute little hair clip is all that is needed to add some sparkle. If her hair is long, a combination of long dangling hair clips, large French barrettes help to keep the hair pulled back, and little hair clips add that pizazz and sparkle to her look.

It is easy to find the beaded barrettes and hair clips if you know where to look! They are sold by the artists themselves and not usually found in big box stores or grocery stores. For these special barrettes and unique accessories for your hair, you need to go to the artist’s website.

The first place to look for handmade hair clips and beaded barrettes is to use the search engine. Enter in “beaded barrette” and you’ll pull up webpages that are selling them. Shy away from stores and buy from the artist themselves. Another place to purchase these items is to go to the website named “Etsy.” This is the biggest website where artists sell their goods. It is like a swap meet where the only sellers are artists themselves.

You can find handmade barrettes made for just twenty dollars and some for hundreds of dollars. The things that drive the price are: skill of the artist, the amount of labor involved and the quality of the parts used. A talented artist that works fast, uses designs that don’t involved a lot of labor and is very creative with design and color coordinating is usually going to be found in the mid price range. Artists who are not talented and use very cheap materials are usually priced really cheaply. Some of the very experienced artists make labor intensive, gorgeous bead work and that always costs the most but the work will last many lifetimes.

Swarovski crystals and faux pearls, Myuki Delica beads imported from Japan are the three things you need to look for in a beaded barrette. These are the finest beads that a good artist uses when making hair accessories. You can find barrettes made with Czech beads or just generic, imported from China beads and crystals but they are nothing like the real thing. Your money is better spent on the quality beads, so watch the descriptions for those key words.

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