Published on May 18, 2011, by in Custom Tshirts.

Wearing the t-shirt yourself should also be something that you want to do – in other words you should want to make sure that your business is becoming known, but you should also feel passionate enough about the company and the message behind it that you enjoy wearing your own logo and showing people what you are about. This method is particularly successful for those smaller companies that are perhaps just starting out and have very few members, and if you run the business on your own then it would be foolish not to use in order to push your message to the people you meet and create more opportunities for yourself.

Sponsorship: Sponsoring an event, a company, a charity or anything else means giving that organisation money so that they can operate, in exchange for their using their influence to spread the word about your company. You see many instances of sponsorship around you and it’s relatively hard to miss – for instance when a company sponsors a sports man or woman.

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