Published on May 18, 2011, by in Custom Tshirts.

Special Events: However if you don’t want to use your custom tee shirts for your staff during the day, then there are still opportunities where you can benefit from using this strategy. For instance if your staff participate in some kind of event then using custom tee shirts is a great way to make them look again like more of a team as well as to create more of a feeling of unison. Again this can also help people to identify your staff when they are out of their usual environment and engaging in activities that are intended to promote your company.
For example if your staff were doing something as a fund raiser, or hosting a sponsored event, then they will be representing your business and coming into contact with a lot more people that possibly weren’t aware of your business. If they are presenting open days, launch parties, or running a trade show again then this is another opportunity for you to get media coverage and to be seen by groups that otherwise would not be exposed to your business.

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