Published on May 18, 2011, by in Custom Tshirts.

For an office environment then wearing custom tee shirts will often feel a little out of place and not formal enough (most businesses prefer their staff to wear shirts) but for a commercial company this serves multiple purposes. Firstly this enables your customers and clients to quickly and easily recognise your staff so they know who to go to in order to ask for help etc. On top of this it also further promotes your business and reminds your customers what business they are dealing with – if they have a positive experience then they will come away knowing that it was your company that provided that and they will come to associate the logos they saw on the logo shirts with that positive feeling.
Finally this also helps your staff to identify themselves as your workers and reminds them about the business they are operating under. This is a great way to give them a focus and a drive and to make them feel like part of a team with an identity – you’d be surprised what an impact this can have on their work ethos and productivity.

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