Published on May 18, 2011, by in Custom Tshirts.

Dressing Your Staff: One great use for of any sort is to use it to dress your staff. This is a fantastic strategy for many reasons – one of the major reasons being that you can instruct your staff to wear the custom and they have to do as you ask. If you ask them to wear your logo t-shirts for instance then it becomes part of their job to see that they do, and you can ask the same of custom hoodies and custom apparel. This is unlike trying to get the general public to wear your clothing who will need to do so of their own accord and who will often feel put off by the fact that they are giving you free promotion. Your staff will have no such qualms.

How and when you get your staff to wear your logo t-shirts however is up to you and there are several options here as well. For instance you can opt to get your staff to wear your logo t-shirts as their uniform and this is something you see in many shops and commercial businesses

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